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ruZZia kills
 2024.01.27 - 21:03

Simplified KiCad7 symbol generator

 2023.08.14 - 23:10

RESX merge support in xlf_merge

 2023.08.09 - 01:32

xlf_merge - C# XLF merge utility (Python 3.x)

 2023.08.05 - 13:13

  • updated WiFi HOWTO, especially about seamless roaming, added English translation
  • Added separate manual for "seamless" WiFi roaming with basic hardware without additional controller

  •  2023.07.28 - 01:19

    online-calculator for UPS battery capacity

     2023.07.23 - 01:10

  • Console device enumeration tool for Windows. Orders output by connection, like Device Manager - wmilist
  • Updated Python library for UART-to-I2C

  •  2023.06.02 - 01:00

    C/C++ library for UART-to-I2C

     2023.05.30 - 19:40

    AI cooperation experience

     2023.05.29 - 18:33

    MSVC vcxproj with relative path using CMake

     2023.05.26 - 08:00

    Epic fail with TP-Link Deco mesh

     2023.05.22 - 23:00

    UART-to-I2C on Arduino

     2023.05.17 - 22:35

    Modified Wire I2C for Arduino. Now it can use user buffer directly without intermediate copying, max transfer size increased up to 255 bytes, reduced overal memory usage.

     2023.05.05 - 11:23

    Converter of .IDL definition to .Cpp/.H. Online version, static Html/Js and Python

     2023.03.03 - 01:36

    Quick health check of Li-ion, Li-pol batteries

     2023.02.11 - 03:00

    Fix for random disconnect and slow startup of Wifi Access Point on AP side.

     2023.02.07 - 19:40

    Updated manual for Handmade UPS. This methos is also usable for power supply of lighting or telecom equipment.

     2022.12.29 - 02:11

    Connect LiFePO4 to invertor

     2022.12.11 - 12:03

    Connect generator to in-house power supply

     2022.12.08 - 21:37

    Power router from powerbank (USB)

     2022.12.01 - 23:11

    Assemble UPS with external battery, Unbreakable Water Supply system and other tricks

     2022.09.30 - 15:12

    Howto shutdown/stow/park Starlink

     2022.09.29 - 15:12

    Why Android Gallery don't see images uploaded via GVFS MTP

     2022.09.21 - 02:35

    Added support for Scroll Lock and Pause/Break + fixes in HP Insert mapper

     2022.09.16 - 13:15

    Map Hangup Phone button to Insert on HP Notebook (for Linux)

     2022.09.15 - 01:50

    Switch keyboard layout with Alt-Shift/Ctrl-Shift under newer Ubuntu

     2022.08.28 - 23:59

    Winter 2022 in Ukraine, powersaving. (in Ukrainian)

     2022.08.08 - 09:58

    Linux buildozer build problem fix.

     2022.07.13 - 14:55

    HP Elitebook Wifi & Fn+ support recovery under Unubtu 16.04.

     2022.06.25 - 17:30


     2022.02.24 - 00:04

    Kyiv is under rocket attack. The beginning of active phase of war with Ruzzia

     2022.01.01 - 15:08

    Evolution simulator (in Ukrainian)

     2021.10.21 - 12:00

    Mouse story

     2021.10.16 - 03:00

  • added interface exclusion registry option for PCIIDE, ISA, MCI in UniATA v0.47a

  •  2020.08.06 - 15:46

    Linphone doesn't work without internet connection under Windows ? Lets fix.

     2020.07.07 - 10:15

  • FortiClientVPN often loose saved configs after reboot. Make backup of .fctsslvpnhistory

  •  2020.07.01 - 16:11

    Linphone as daemon under Windows.

     2020.06.05 - 14:20

  • There is a nice Linphone aplication. SIP soft-phone, all platforms, open source, along with GUI works from CLI (linphonec) and even as daemon (can be managed from external app). But it would be too simple :) Linphone as daemon under Linux using systemd.

  •  2020.05.05 - 10:45

  • FortiClientVPN unconditionally updates resolve.conf with tunnel DNS. It may significantly affect web performance if tunnel has significant delay. There is no way to prevent DNS update on client side with local config. But there is a way to Prevent FortiClientVPN DNS update for Ubuntu
  • Added -w and -W options for waiting for matching process(es) in wkill utility.

  •  2019.10.12 - 23:48

  • Added -P option for matching modules by substring of full module (executable) pathname. Appeared that -N works with module name only in wkill utility.

  •  2019.09.24 - 09:41

  • Added support for display orientation to uictl. See --do, --orientation options.
  • Fixed video mode adjustment (was broken in previous version).

  •  2019.04.03 - 11:00

  • fixed bug with crash on Intel AHCI chipsets. UniATA v0.47a
  • A lot if fixes are commited into Far2l :)

  •  2019.03.23 - 12:30

    I was looking why KOI8-U charset is not automatically detected in Far2l. Appeared that the use some old code with character frequency model written many years ago. Google says we have the same in all clones. As I have KOI8-U character frequencies and Ukrainian character pairs frequency model. I'll try to commit :)

    Ukrainian language character frequency model

     2019.03.21 - 01:52

  • Strange, but by default OpenVPN under standard Linux NetworkManager doesn't use pushed DNS servers. Simple solution it also known, however question appears regulary and different solutions are proposed. It is 42. DNS leak fix for Ubuntu NetworkManager + OpenVPN

  •  2019.03.20 - 11:12

  • In addition to implementations of CommandLineToArgvA/W() Boris Timofeev sent CommandLineToArgvAEx() which works with arbitrary charsets.

  •  2019.03.19 - 15:27

  • merged AHCI upadtes from FreeBSD 12.
  • fix for disk formatting
  • listed new AHCI chipsets
    UniATA v0.47

  •  2019.03.18 - 01:14

  • - Import Windows .REG with Far 1.x/2.x settings into Linux Far2l

  •  2019.03.14 - 01:14

  • Updated patch for DBF (dBase) type 'I' fields for PHP 7 (pecl dbase)

  •  2019.03.13 - 23:28

  • Added patch for ukrainian 'i' support for Far2l. It is very similar to Wine one.

  •  2019.03.12 - 00:28

  • Wine IF EXIST patch I moved build environment DDK+NT4 from my old NT4 to new system. To Linux with Wine ;). And I've caught double bug: VC6 use '/' when checking target directory existance (Debug and Release), and newer Wine after IF EXIST implementation change doesn't handle this case.
  • #One programmer's evening

  •  2019.03.11 - 17:47

  • Patch for Wine for ukrainian 'i' support in console applications with cp866 ukr

  •  2019.03.10 - 19:27

  • enabled Generic AHCI 3.1.0, 3.1.1 support for unlisted controllers. It works. Thanks to ReactOS team for testing.
  • merged 64-bit updates from ReactOS.
  • published internal history ot versions and experiments with comments - chglog.txt
    UniATA v0.46e8

  •  2019.01.25 - 01:28

  • Gentoo on Crypto-RAID HOWTO

  •  2018.12.30 - 23:28

  • Android .adb extraction HOWTO
    How to make Android backup and extract data from .adb files

  •  2018.12.15 - 17:11

  • Yesterday I've spent half a day trying to Access Dell iDRAC6 IPKVM under Linux

  •  2018.05.31 - 14:46

  • All in one about http caching with nginx over web-server. Just to remember. Nginx caching proxy (reverse proxy)

  •  2018.03.20 - 13:30

    Travel to Glybichitsa drainage system - one of the oldest and interesting places under Kiev.

     2018.03.06 - 01:45

  • Just to keep in mind how to tell m.facebook/facebook to show most recent news first.
  • RESTful API with Apache

  •  2018.02.28 - 22:45

    Travel to Klov drainage system - one of the most dangerous and interesting places under Kiev.

     2018.02.08 - 17:45

  • Updated patch for DBF (dBase) type 'I' fields for PHP, added Gentoo HOWTO (pecl dbase 5.1.1)
  • Updated HOWTO for Self-signed SSL sertificate and quick fix of sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial.

  •  2018.01.13 - 01:11

  • minor optimization for mobile browsing

  •  2017.12.20 - 10:13

  • fixed memory leak and crash in AHCI mode. Thanks to Michael Arthur Long for testing. (ROS-13988)
    UniATA v0.46e5

  •  2017.12.12 - 15:01

  • Drop static scenes from video chunks without full transcoding (ffmpeg, h264).
    Drop static video chunks Facebook

  •  2017.12.11 - 00:17

  • fixed nVidia MCP61 S2 support, thanks to Samuel Serapion
    UniATA v0.46e4

  •  2017.12.06 - 00:59

  • Android .backup extraction HOWTO
    How to extract data from Android .backup files
  • Hikvision, Security
    Interesting, I've a lot of hikvision web-cams in private network. They are almost identical with same login/pwd, the main difference is IP address :) Let's make TCP port forwarding from gateway to http port of one camera. Pass authorization. Reconfigure port forwarding to point to another camera. Try to refresh page in the browser. And you get to admin page of it too! All images, scripts, etc. are loaded from browser cache. Looks like vsid cookie contains some hash of username+password with is checked against same hash of local credentials. All these are passed over plain HTTP without encription. Its very easy to use replay attack with stolen vsid.
    Also, you can try to get some interesting info from your camera without any authorization

  •  2017.07.04 - 23:09

    TBB Recovery 1.5

  • Internal buffer is allowed to groq up to maximum message size. It is necessary for header length fixup. When -k is used, buffer has fixed size since no correction is performed.
  • Added warnings when mutually exclusive options are used.

  •  2017.06.30 - 19:25

    TBB Recovery 1.4

  • Fixed bug with -d and -a support, now -a doesn't ignore -d+
  • Fixed bugs in I/O buffering. Now long messages doesn't get damaged. Also fixed bug with broken last 64k of the file.
  • Added -f option for displaying From: header in log.

  •  2017.04.08 - 16:44

  • handled wrong (zero) HDD geometry info returned by PCem VM. (ROS-11277, ROS-12909)
    UniATA v0.46e3

  •  2017.01.06 - 12:53

  • fixed problem with crash on attempt to get physical address for valid memory with uninitialized page table (sometimes it happens), thanks to Thomas Faber and ReactOS team. (ROS-11894)
    UniATA v0.46e2
  • All in one about http server-side Apache + PHP + sessions + caching

  •  2016.09.05 - 10:24

  • I've missed. I've got MTU problem on running GRE tunnel in production :( Why not to mention this in gre/gif manual ?
    GRE MSS/MTU issuses under FreeBSD

  •  2016.09.04 - 09:59

  • fixed problem with ATAPI detection in previous build, thanks to KtP, Roy Tam.
    UniATA v0.46e1

  •  2016.07.29 - 12:20

    It's so nice to get to know that partner company completly changes encryption algorithm without backward compatibility. So, I had to perform partial software upgrade. With some issues like Undefined symbol "TLSv1_2_server_method" (fixed)

     2016.07.04 - 11:00

    Published patch for DBF (dBase) type 'I' fields for PHP (pecl dbase 5.1.0)

     2016.07.03 - 12:30

    Published updated beta UniATA v0.46e

  • fixed problem with I82371FB support (ROS-11157)
  • fixed buffer overflow in PIO Multiblock error handling (ROS-11296).
  • fixed several problems with ISA-only systems.

  •  2016.04.07 - 11:48

    Discovered source of problem with SMP system freeze under NT3.51/NT4 with UniATA. Uniata doesn't matter :) It just allow system to boot on newer hardware. Actual source of problem appeared to be i8042. Firstable, we discovered that in hangs on init. I've built debug version of i8042prt.sys from DDK and we can see strange execution stop on I/O port read attempt during keyboart init. Search for "i8042 SMP keyboard problem" gave reference to Linux bug report. Thus, problem is related to legacy USB keyboard emulation. Disabling this option in BIOS allows OS to start normally.

     2016.04.03 - 12:30

    Published updated beta UniATA v0.46d7

  • fixed problem with duplicated data structures and strings in compiled driver binary. Thanks to KtP and ReactOS team. Binary size is reduced even more.

  •  2016.04.02 - 20:30

    Published beta UniATA v0.46d6

    • fixed CD/DVD detection problem on some SATA. Thahks to Rayer for finding exact version where support was broken.
    • fixed problem CSB5 and old ISA with i486, thanks to KtP for testing
    • reduced binary size

    And about difficulties:

    • can't overcome SATA PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-215D on nVidia MCP51 (10de:0266) for about half a year. The device can be detected, handles ATA commands, but doesn't respond to ATAPI packet command. More datails can be found at ReactOS BUG-9119
    • some SMP hangs on GUI init. Looks like it happens when GUI touchs CD/DVD.

    Fixed compatibility bug with non-RDTSC-capable CPUs (i386 and i486) in DbgPrint Dump v0.9a (thanks to KtP for bug-report).

     2016.03.12 - 12:09

    Fixed problem with memory allocation in PCI Dump v0.2b

     2016.03.09 - 12:09

    Updated UniATA v0.46

    • fixes for VBox and QEmu HDD write and CD-ROM support
    • fixed problem with buffer overflow in ISA controllers when original request is splitted on LBA-capable device.
    • 32-bit I/O support for PIO mode
    • DMA support for Intel PIIX (8086:1230), thanks to KtP for testing
    • changed CD-Changers init behavior

    Thanks for donations !

     2015.10.22 - 15:41

    Updated UniATA v0.45j1
    Fixes for VBox and QEmu support, fast missing device detection and AHCI-capable controllers in compatible mode.

     2015.08.14 - 03:48

    Updated manual for proper WiFi setup

     2015.03.09 - 12:24

    At last I've got to scaner and updated drawings gallery :)

     2015.02.27 - 23:14

    Updated UniATA v0.45e
    Published beta UniATA v0.45h1

    Thanks for donations ! I didn't monitor the account for a long time and was surprised :)

     2015.01.15 - 23:03

    • Published performance patches for FreeBSD 9.2.
      • ipfw Patches include bit masks for 16-bit values matching (e.g. port lists), table lookup instead of tree lookup in table implementation (when possible) and other features.
      • route batch mode patch (load multiple routes from file)
    • automatic route adjustment for client prefixes (DHCPv6 PD) for ISC DHCPv6 4.2.5
    • Updated article about IPv6 deployment. (DHCPv6 PD + routing)

     2015.01.01 - 19:09

    Happy New Year!

     2014.10.22 - 12:10

    Updated UniATA v0.45c1:

    • some fixes in AHCI support - freeze on controllers without legacy interrupt management registers.
    • fixed PATA/SATA/AHCI detection code for newer Intel

     2014.08.19 - 00:19

  • Some thoughts about society transformation trends (in Russian only).

  •  2014.08.12 - 15:10

    Updated UniATA v0.45a7:

    • AHCI support is enabled in INFs by default
    • added DevIDs for
      • newer ATI IPX700/800 (default them to SATA (non-AHCI) mode)
      • nVidia AHCI controllers, default them to SATA (non-AHCI) mode
      • VIA AHCI
      • new Promise chips
      • Hudson-2
      • SIS 630S, 962, 963, 1182 and 1182,
      • more PATA Marvell chips
    • added (experimental) PATA/SATA and AHCI detection code for newer ATI
    • removed duplicates and wrong values from device list
    • unified OS-specific INFs
    • fixed DevID for RZ 100x
    • added handler for uninitialized BAR4 for all SATA chips
    • improved AHCI error handler. Do not retry after interface errors
    • ATAPI commands READ_CD and READ_CD_MFS are marked as DMA-capable. Managed by registry option AtapiDmaRawRead.
    • Added workaround for "Marvell 9123" detection of AHCI channels. Chip reports 8 while it actually has 4.

     2014.05.18 - 13:48

  • Updated UniATA reference to related bug-tracker of ReactOS
  • Added information about actual IPv6 and DHCPv6 support by home routers to the article about IPv6 deployment.

  •  2014.04.01 - 15:51


  • WinDbg HOWTO
  • WiFi HOWTO
  • network securuty/anonimity notes

  •  2014.02.13 - 13:10

  • Patch for strict MAC-based IPv6 address assignment for ISC DHCPv6 appeared to be compatible with fresh ISC DHCPD v4.5.5 from FreeBSD 9.2.
  • Also, the following patches are almost ported (are being tested) to FreeBSD 9.2:
    • Performance optimization and extensions for ipfw
    • route improvement.
  • Updated "bad" traffic filters

  •  2014.01.25 - 23:56

    Implemented error reporting in all cases of wrong parameters in Bad Block Copy 2.3

     2014.01.09 - 13:56

    Filtering "bad" traffic on managed switches

     2014.01.01 - 19:09

    Happy New Year!

    My gift - network securuty/anonimity notes

     2013.12.14 - 21:57
    MPtP tunnel software oriented on creation of virtual IPv6 networks over existing IPv4 network. It simulates Ethernet Layer 2, thus, can handle any Ethernet traffic. The main benefit is direct interchange between nodes. Central (HUB) node is used for handling broadcast packets only. Unicast traffic is distributed directly between nodes. There is Linux and FreeBSD support.

     2013.12.14 - 20:07

    Minor fixes for Local HTTP proxy package (youtube support).

     2013.12.01 - 12:50

    A bit late news, but. We have a revolution again. It's time to stop "improvements" and start work on making our life better.

     2013.11.11 - 21:52

  • How night road actually looks like.
  • UniATA v0.44e
    Added UniATA communication deviсe support for Windows 2003 (in .INF file). Appeared, that WinXP SP3 + updates doesn't allow UniATA to be installed since it is not signed. Also, fresh Avast antivirus treats it as potentially dangerous software. Thanks to Svyat G

  •  2013.10.14 - 09:03

  • I2P under FreeBSD setup experience + how to workaround Java TZ Updater version missmatch.
  • Monitor and Video card resolution compatibility issue (see yesterday post) was fixed with driver update to nt4_r128_635cd21.
  • And some interesting articles for reading (in Russian only)
    Web 3.0 - decentralization
    Hardware spys

  •  2013.10.13 - 09:05

    Yesterday I had an experience of connecting new monitor with 1920x1200 resolution to old ATI Rage 128 Pro card (1600x1200 max.). Appeared, that driver doesn't handle case of bigger display in maximum card resolution. It detects actual display size, but don't stop sending data when 1600px is reached. Looks like someone forget to programm limit in card and this was never ested on bigger monitors ;) The problem apears as copy of left part of screen beyond right edge of picture.

    Wile looking for driver updates I've found and fixed a problem in PCI Dump v0.2a. Appeared, that sscanf("%x") is very-very slow. Loading of ~600Kb pci.ids took one of my PCs for 20sec. Simple manually written code is much faster (less than 1 sec. for 800Kb).

     2013.10.10 - 12:25

    ENOG 6 internet conference took part in Kiev. I'd like to mention 2 points:

  • I had presentation about internet traffic management and optimization and HTTP caching there, see ENOG 6 presentations
  • Our NetAssist ISP was responsible for WiFi coverage. We used WiFi setup manual. Also, we provided IPv6 connectivity according to previous IPv6 ISP experince. The resul was perfect :)

  •  2013.09.24 - 11:02

  • Added storeurl_rewrite_concurrency support to Squid url_rewrite for Windows v1.3 , see squid.conf and Squid Wiki
  • Some fixes for facebook and youtube, performance improvements in squid.conf, see Local HTTP proxy package.

  •  2013.09.24 - 02:39

  • Added real statictics to HTTP caching article.

  •  2013.09.22 - 16:18

  • UDF file system driver DVD Write Now would become OpenSource and integrated into ReactOS.

  •  2013.09.20 - 14:00 - Perfect China search engine. Yes, it is in China. Yes, it can't be switched to English interface. But! It can find things, those Google never do. It finds proprietary docs and other "private" things, those our good China friends have stollen copied somewhere and published to everyone.

     2013.09.19 - 23:00

  • Updated WiFi setup for b/g/n, bridges and roaming (In Russian only yet).
  • Short HOWTO for SSL sertificate.
  • Setting up I2P under NT4.
  • Fixed bug in IMEI calculator

  •  2013.09.16 - 18:43

  • Squid Local Proxy setup is moved to separate page from HTTP caching.
  • Added separate small archive with fresh config updates for Squid Local Proxy. Along with other changes I've added there I2P support. I2P must be installed separately.
  • I've started publishing preliminary results for efficiency of HTTP caching.
  • Due to Russian Federation goverment activity a lot of people get to know what is I2P. See also habrahabr article about DPI + discussion 1 and discussion 2 (all are in Russian).
  • is now available in i2p.

  •  2013.09.13 - 10:11

  • IMEI calculator :)

  •  2013.09.08 - 23:12

  • Some useful info about WiFi setup for b/g/n, bridges and roaming (In Russian only yet).
  • Fixed bug in -o (initial scan seek) and -m (skip first messages) handling in TBB Recovery 1.2. Added new option -k which prevents message size "recovery" during extaction. Sometimes we want to keep original size in message header.

  •  2013.09.02 - 00:58

  • Important fix in squid.conf, related to .js caching, see Local HTTP proxy package.

  •  2013.09.01 - 00:20

  • Fixed bug, caused squid crash when more than 32 rewrite rules are used in Squid url_rewrite for Windows v1.2 config.
  • Updated documentation and configs of Local HTTP proxy package.

  •  2013.08.26 - 13:08

  • Fixed and improved manual for Local HTTP proxy.
  • I've met the old TheBat problem again. Appears, that actually problem starts when .tbb file reaches 1Gb. TheBat can't compress it any more, but still can successfully import new messages. No warnings appear.
    For convenience I've added -a option (automated) to TBB Recovery 1.1.

  •  2013.08.12 - 15:08

    Today I recovered data from still one HDD with 1 damaged by massive writes block. Only one block with only one programm. This is not the first case, this seems to be a tradition. I hope, reading about abstration application limits would make someone to think a bit before writing open()/write()/close(). 1

     2013.07.20 - 13:46

    Must know.
    List of open-source alternatives to popular proprietary services.
    And local copy for emergency case.

     2013.07.19 - 23:59

  • Updated Bad Block Copy 2.1. Fixed bug with -o and -c options.

  •  2013.03.27 - 23:54

  • ixgbe v2.4.5 (Intel 10G NIC driver) for FreeBSD 7.2
    Driver works, can be compiled in kernel (e.g. PAE) and as separate module. And it works :)

  •  2013.03.21 - 10:07

  • UniATA v0.44d
    Fixed SIS 961 support and handling of IDE devices generating multiple interrupts during transfer/.

  •  2013.03.20 - 13:05

  • I wish strange: utility which keeps history of my queries to search engines. Along with queries it must store search results and found pages. I need to be able to add marks/tags/comments (like Favorites). It must be able to perform search in stored results and queries. It must be browser-independent. There should be option to store results on external server and locally. Results must be available over internet. It would be nice to share info over PtP.

  •  2013.03.19 - 23:35

  • Updated HOWTO enable cyrilic fonts support under Windows NT/2000/XP for old non-Unicode applications.

  •  2013.03.10 - 16:27

  • Minor update of UDF driver project DVD Write Now. Now we can record ISO images to DVD.

  •  2013.02.04 - 13:58

  • Open letter to Litres (repost, in Russian).

  •  2013.01.23 - 14:31

  • Updated documentation and configs of Squid url_rewrite for Windows and Local HTTP proxy package.

  •  2013.01.09 - 21:35

  • UniATA v0.44c3
    Fixed issue with too long delay after reset on some ATAPI devices. Problem appeared on devices those rapidly raise and clear BUSY.

  •  2013.01.03 - 12:04

    Looks like most CDN maintainers do not think about client-side caching.
    So, Squid url_rewrite for Windows, Local HTTP proxy and internet traffic management and optimization are updated

     2013.01.01 - 15:28

    I've caught botnet loader today night or morning. This piece of shit set autoconfig proxy for Mozilla and IE.
    I've noticed this just because of testing my local proxy. Appeared, that i cannot modify this setting via Mozilla GUI. IE was easy. Just clean
    HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings, AutoConfigURL
    and enjoy. FireFox appeared to be more interesting.
    "C:\Documents and Settings\.....\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default\"
    contined 2 files with settings - prefs.js and user.js. Both point to bad proxy. After cleaning appeared, that I settings are not saveable yet. System rollback doesn't help. Thanks to
    user.js should be deleted, since it was created by troyan, this file has higher proirity for FireFox and is never modified by GUI.

     2013.01.01 - 01:12

    At last the 13th year of 21st century come. My congratulations to everybody >;->
    I wish you to meet more real people, do real things, get real satisfaction from your life, celebrate your achievments with real champagne and real pineapples :)

     2012.12.31 - 15:28

  • Squid url_rewrite for Windows
    Such a New Year gift :) Improves HTTP caching. Speeds up youtube, and more.
    Happy New Year - The Year of The Snake!

    I wish you a to be healthy, be loved and love. And enough money to buy all the rest :)
    Good Luck!

  •  2012.12.29 - 23:35

  • UniATA v0.44c1
    Fixed bug in ATAPI error handling. On some devices unknown commands were handled incorrectly. Also updated compatibility matrix.

  •  2012.12.26 - 16:10

  • Found and tested almost ready to use settingsw for youtube caching on by Lucas Diaz
    Code had to be adopted a litle in order to avoid cache-prevention options :) Final code is published in HTTP proxy

  •  2012.12.16 - 18:10

  • IPv6 ISP deployment, our experience :)
  • Strict MAC-based IPv6 address assignment for ISC DHCPv6.

  • A bit more about HTTP caching: there is one useful option in squid.conf
    Looks like it may partially solve problem with caching video.
  • One more solution: yt-cache
  • Published some info about Local HTTP proxy and HTTP caching in general.

  •  2012.12.15 - 22:10

    • Thanks to Rick Papo for working code of KernelGetModuleBase8() for Windows 8.
    • Today I tried to discover why YouTube video is not cached. Seems, that it should because each time I play clip, received content is always same. Squid is configured to cache requests with GET parameters (like But video is not cached and downloaded each time. Appeared that
      • several GET parameters are unique for each request. Some statistic and client information it passed there.
      • each time different storage-server is used.
      Practically, we need some more complicated (e.g. regexp-based) resource identification methods. For example youtube URI looks like:
      but actually video data is identified by the following regexp
      Now I think, may be it is necessary to write some special cache-engine... Or may be there is something ready-to-use ?

     2012.12.07 - 01:09

  • Found some problem with KernelGetModuleBase() under Windows 8. We need different method for getting NTDLL module base. Thanks to Rick Papo and RSDN for information.

  •  2012.11.13 - 23:35

  • Published some ideas about internet traffic management and optimization.

  •  2012.11.10 - 21:17

  • I've back from Moscow. 1-week travel to ENOG 4 and for some personal deals appeared to be 3 times longer. Everything went in a wrong way. Even what could not.
  • I had to discover actual procedure of automobile reg. number restoration.

  •  2012.10.07 - 11:49

  • UniATA v0.44b4
    Fixed Intel ICH7 and SATA ATAPI support.

  •  2012.09.22 - 11:39

  • Removed tonns of spam from NT Kernel memory pool tags database.

  •  2012.09.20 - 14:04

  • A was to write own recovery tool for The Bat mail databases (.TBB files) - TBB Recovery 1.0. None of available tools could work with my 2Gb file :(
  • Updated Bad Block Copy 2.1. Fixed bug with unaligned file tail copying in non-cached mode.

  •  2012.09.12 - 08:12

  • UniATA v0.43f5
    Added code for reporting usage of PCI slot for Legacy controllers. This prevents conflicts with other Legacy IDE drivers. Previous versions claimed only ISA part of controllers, so other drivers could be loaded and breake normal operation. Tested under NT4 and Win 2003

  •  2012.08.28 - 10:39

  • At last, I've fixed setup INFs in UniATA v0.43e2.

  •  2012.08.25 - 14:49

  • Updated UniATA v0.43d2.

  •  2012.08.14 - 00:27

  • Updated UniATA v0.43a1.
  • Updated NT4 unofficial support page by KtP

  •  2012.08.07 - 18:41

  • Due to expiration of domain project of UDF driver DVD Write Now is moved here.

  •  2012.08.07 - 14:33

  • Fixed bug with SRB_STATUS_DATA_OVERRUN status handling in AHCI ATAPI UniATA v0.42h2.

  •  2012.08.05 - 23:31

  • Published version of UniATA v0.42h with AHCI ATAPI (CD/DVD) support.
    Thanks to KtP and ReactOS team for testing again :)
  • While looking through newer SCSI command set manuals I've found the following limitation: In order to support HDDs above 2Tb we have to update ScsiPort and ScsiDisk drivers along with controller driver(s) (UniATA in my case). Commands READ16, WRITE16, VERIFY16 and READ_CAPACITY16 shall be used.
  • I've found UniATA-related discuss on :)
  • Updated CrossNT.lib
    Thanks to KtP and ReactOS team for testing again :)

  •  2012.08.01 - 17:21

  • Updated beta-version of UniATA v0.42e2.
    Thanks to KtP and ReactOS team for testing.

  •  2012.07.20 - 17:38


  • Beta-version of UniATA v0.42 with AHCI support.
    Verified on ICH2, ICH7, ICH8, ICH9, ICH10, VIA6421, VIA-C686, CMD649 in all modes.
    Supports both ATA and ATAPI device types. Thanks to KtP for testing.

  •  2012.06.29 - 01:12

  • Commited changes from BugZilla ReactOS into UniATA v0.41b5.
  • ScsiPort.sys fix described by KtP on is posted to ReactOS, bug ID 7147.

  •  2012.06.27 - 19:47

  • Intermediate version of UniATA v0.41b4
  • Bugfixes in stable version UniATA v0.40b3 Thanks to Caemyr for bug report and testing.

  •  2012.06.18 - 01:24

    I met some kind of incompatibility of LSI Megaraid controller (ar) and FreeBSD gmirror. In order to boot from gmirror RAID-1 a had to make gmirror metadata offset, which allows to change gmirror metadata location. See details on patch page. Patch available for both 7.x and CURRENT.
    Also, I've ported some useful features from CURRENT to 7.x

     2012.06.14 - 11:08

  • Published minor patch for FreeBSD ndp (ethernet-address output format fix):
  • I've made unified diff to satisfy FreeBSD development standards for the following patches:

  • Updated unofficial SP for NT4.

  •  2012.06.13 - 20:38

    Finished translation of routing optimization manual

     2012.06.13 - 00:52

  • Intermediate version of UniATA v0.41b3
  • IPv6 RDNSS option for FreeBSD 7.2 rtadvd

  •  2011.07.25 - 12:34

  • A was to make some patches for Asterisk chan_datacard. USSD reply encoding and some SMS sending issues are fixed. One SMS fix is related to Huawei E1550 behavior.

  •  2011.06.01 - 00:00

  • I've made performance patch for FreeBSD 7.x - 8.x if_bridge. Now it works fine even with 2000 and more members. Added smart broadcast/multicast filtering on ports with learning disabled. Added MAC-port binding.
    As result we have 50% CPU usage with ~2000 clients against 100% CPU usage with less about 1000 clients on the same machine. Also, now we have linear performance dependence on number of users and traffic instead of exponential.
    If you need it - mail me FB or mail (remove X)   Share .

  •  2011.05.18 - 12:36

  • New version of Bad Block Copy 2.0. A lot of fixes. Now it really works :)
  • Fixed patch for hardware monitoring tool for HP Proliant:

  •  2011.05.03 - 13:23

    Published patched hardware monitoring tool for HP Proliant with FreeBSD 7.x support:

     2011.05.02 - 18:38

    Published several performance patches (updated) for FreeBSD routing and ipfw:

  • Performance optimization and extensions for ipfw
  • SMP routing optimization
  • fix for sockstat output formatting
  • route improvement.

  •  2011.03.24 - 11:54

    Updated UniATA v0.40b2, thanks to KtP for testing on new Intel chipsets.

  • Fixed bug with SATA and tech. registers access on some Intel chipsets.
  • Fixed bug with read/write near 128Gb boundary on some new Hitachi HDDs.

  •  2011.03.23 - 09:15

    Now you can specify OS or product version in Windows NT Kernel memory pool tags database.

     2011.03.22 - 14:30

    Updated UniATA v0.40b1, thanks to ReactOS Bug track.

  • Fixed bug with UDMA2 support on Intel ICH1/2/3/4/5 chips.
  • Made some experimental changes in automatic slow-down algorithm.
  • Implemented VM detect code based on PCI bus scan. Now VirtualBox, VMWare, QEmu are detected.
  • I've tested HDD hot-plug/unplug under NT4. It works :)

  •  2011.03.21 - 12:11

  • Added INT 3 handling to WinDbg protocol in DbgPrint Dump v0.9a (thanks to Roy Tam for idea).
    This option is managed by --comdbg:int3.

  •  2010.03.20 - 15:42

  • I've made an attempt to sync UniATA code with ReactOS, Revision 50985
    Merged version: UniATA v0.40b
    Also, documented all registry options.

  •  2010.03.18 - 13:10

  • New version of Bad Block Copy 1.9. Added -n to disable file i/o caching, added unix dd-style command line syntax, fixed performance problem, found and fixed problem with very large (several hundreds of Gb) files.

  •  2010.02.05 - 13:44

  • New stable version of UniATA v0.40a5

  •  2010.12.31 - 21:23

    Happy New Year - The Year of The White Cato!

    I wish you a lot of plesant and unexpected events. Everithiny will be not like you hope. Everything will be much better and more astonishing ;)
    Good Luck!

     2010.11.27 - 12:22

  • Fixed several bugs (crash) with VIA chips in UniATA v0.40a1 and added support for several new chipets. Thanks to RoyTam for testing and capturing logs.
  • Added support for syslog (RFC-3164) as data source to DbgPrint Dump v0.9. You can enable it with
    --in:syslog HOST[:PORT].

  •  2010.08.21 - 14:16

  • I had to restore data from badblocked HDD. So, I added -e, -B, -f, -di, -do options to Bad Block Copy to efficiently handle block devices. Works under NT family only.

  •  2010.08.13 - 12:48

  • Added support for multiple displays to uictl. See --d, --ld options. Thanks to Dave Kalata for bug-report.

  •  2010.06.23 - 12:16

    Achtung! Censorship in Google!
    intro: today I was looking for possible reasons of FreeBSD 7.0 crashes with enabled (and rather active) ipv6
    google, "freebsd rtadvd crash"
    Among results I've found the following:

    [in Ukrainian] Due to the following DMCA request we have excluded one result from search:
    That's all folks. Here it is, the censorship in Internet. Seems, Google is not "a search engine, which knows everything" any more. It's time to llok for another one.

     2010.01.01 - 23:55

    Published several performance patches for FreeBSD routing and ipfw:
    ipfw, indexed ipfw.
    SMP routng optimization.

     2009.01.01 - 00:00

    Happy New Year and good luck!

    Be happy, don't worry and so on. Let your wishes come to this reality, but be sure what you really wish ;)

     2009.03.01 - 18:23

    Published command-line tool for reading MBRs and BOOT-sectors: read_boot.

     2009.02.28 - 23:59

  • Fixed some bugs in uictl.
  • Thanks to Dmitri Arkhangelski for adding 64-bit support to GetProcAddress() functions for NT kernel mode.

  •  2008.12.31 - 22:15

    Happy New Year!

    Let your dreams come to reality ;)

     2008.12.12 - 20:51

  • Fixed several bugs in WinDbg protocol support in DbgPrint Dump v0.8i (thanks to KtP).
    Also fixed bug with handling --nowait.
  • Updated UaixRoute.

  •  2008.09.11 - 01:07

  • Fixed several bugs (crash) with SATA in UniATA v0.39g.
  • Added experimantal support for WinDbg protocol in DbgPrint Dump v0.8g. Is used to overcome master/slave OS version incompatibility problem of WinDbg. Can be enabled with
  • fix in FastReboot.

  •  ----.--.-- - --:--

    Where are you traveling, where are you traveling... Look:
    ...kiev-ternopil-terebovlia(ruins of castle)-ternopil-kiev-...
    ...-l'viv(city day)-ternopil-kiev-ternopil-l'viv(metal-fest)-uzhgorod-ternopil-...
    ...-kiev-moscow-ekaterinburg-(internet community meeting)-moscow-kiev-...
    ...-ternopil-terebovlia(ruins of abbey)-kiev-...
    ...-kaluga-(music fest "empty hills")-kaluga-moscow-kiev-...
    ...-poltava-vorskla river(paddling)-poltava-kiev-...
    ...-simferopol-bachisaray-crimea mountains(rainbow fest)-bachisaray-...
    ...-simferopol-feodosia-fox bay-koktebel-simferopol-kiev-...
    ...-moscow-n.novgorod-kazan'-ufa-sim-cheliabinsk-omsk-novosibirsk-gornoaltajsk-altay(rainbow fest)-...
    ...-konotop-pitivl'(art-fest)-konotop-kiev-poltava-pitivl'-konotop-kiev-... ...-homel-moscow-obninsk-briansk-suzemka-zernovo-konotop-kiev...

     2008.07.05 - 18:18

    Fixed bug (hang) with HDDs larger than 128Gb in UniATA v0.39g.
    PS. and now I leave again...

     2008.07.01 - 18:11

    Added Windows Vista support to DbgPrint Dump v0.8d

     2008.06.30 - 10:31

  • Added -l option for enumerating running processes and -N option for matching modules by substring of full module (executable) pathname to wkill utility.

  • Published FreeBSD 7.0 version of patch to ipfw. which adds commands zshow and replace and ignore syntax error mode (now moved to -q, previously separate -i switch was used).
  • Also published FreeBSD 7.0 version of patch to FreeBSD route. It adds options to ignore syntax errors (with -i switch) and loading multiple routing rules from file (with -f switch).

    PS. got to home for an hour ;)

  •  2008.03.30 - 23:23

    Updates: DbgPrint Dump v0.8b

     2008.03.30 - 14:14

  • Added experimantel support for syslog (RFC-3164) to DbgPrint Dump v0.8a. Can be enabled with
    --out:syslog HOST[:PORT]
  • Updates: FBSD install

  •  2008.01.09 - 02:00

    Now all my sites have IPv6 addresses. Welcome to Internet-2 :)

     2008.01.07 - 16:00

    Published new version of our CD/DVD recording package:

     2008.01.01 - 00:00

    Happy New Year and so on...

     2007.12.18 - 00:35

  • KtP announced:
    • Created Windows 9x version of VESA/VBE Video Drivers
    • Updated article about generating integrated NT sp6a setup from plain NT4 setup. Read details here.

  •  2007.11.17 - 18:39

    New UniATA v0.39f.

     2007.10.28 - --:--

    New UniATA v0.39d with some bugfixes (e.g. hangs with some CD/DVD drives). Seems to be stable.

     2007.10.31 - --:--

           to the world
               of Helloween!

     2007.10.31 - 11:05

    Fixed bug in DbgPrint Dump v0.7g. In Kernel Debugger extension was incorrectly processed dynamic options adjustment.

     2007.10.30 - 21:00

    I've written manual for making VS 2005 (aka Visual Studio 8) 64-bit driver (amd64) project.

     2007.10.28 - --:--

    Published new UniATA v0.39b1.

    And previous version (0.38c2) is imported to ReactOS.

     2007.10.26 - 19:17

    • New version of NT VESA/VBE Video Drivers
    • Cool utility for people who have wide/cheap channel to UAIX and cheap/free access to VPN server(s), giving access to the rest of Internet - UaixRoute. Routes UAIX traffic directly to ISP, rest is routed via VPN. This tool can download list of UAIX networks from ISP site and dynamically updates routing table. Read here for details.

     2007.10.25 - 20:59

    Updated Bad Block Copy

    Added NT4 Terminal Server support and --ovw switch (overwrite existing log-files) to DbgPrint Dump v0.7f.

     2007.10.15 - 13:31

    Published patch to FreeBSD route. Adds options to ignore syntax errors (with -i switch) and loading multiple routing rules from file (with -f switch).

     2007.10.10 - 21:40

    Some days ago published new version of our CD/DVD recording package (UDF FileSystem, random read/write access like on flash):

    Alexandru Lovin gave me an interesting link to FIREHOSE library and some utilites, based on it. It is intended for transfering file between 2 computers using all available physical links. For example Ethernet 100 Mbit + FireWire 400 Mbit = 500 Mbit. The original sources are written for Linux. Here you can find FIREHOSE Windows version.

     2007.09.03 - ??:??

    Wow, at last I've got to my computer. Will have a rest from vacation :)

     2007.07.04 - 22:06

    Windows NT Kernel memory pool tags database is now available for updates.

     2007.06.20 - 16:00

    vmctl usability improvement: when --optimal is used, dialog box with prompt "Is display mode configured properly" appears immediately after mode change. If user doesn't answer in 10 secinds, original mode is restored.

     2007.06.08 - 22:41

    Updated vmctl - display mode control tool. Added optimal mode autoselection, mode test and filtering modes not supported by display.

     2007.06.06 - 18:16

    Fixed still one bug in UniATA v0.38c2, "is anybody home" code. It didn't work on some LBA48-capable HDDs (even smaller than 128Gb).

    Added --run:user switch to DbgPrint Dump v0.7e to run DbgPrintLog under SYSTEM account in regular way (not as service). This is necessary in Windows PE environment (WinPE/BartPE/MobileOS).

     2007.05.29 - 11:13

    Fixed broken SATA support. Appeared, that fast device presence detection by write/read pattern to HDD register (is anybody home) doesn't work on nForce SATA :
    UniATA v0.38c1

     2007.05.26 - 13:43

    A lot of fixes in UniATA v0.38c

    KtP announced linear frame buffer support with old VESA/VBE 1.x BIOS, which don't know how to handle it. Just use these VESA/VBE drivers:
    NT VESA/VBE Video Drivers

    Updated CrossNT.lib

    Several fixes in DbgPrint Dump v0.7d

     2007.05.11 - 19:19

    Bad Block Copy:
    Fixed bug with crash on files of size between 2Gb and 4Gb.
    Thanks to Jiri for bug-report.

     2007.04.17 - 19:19


     2007.04.11 - 12:56

    KtP announced:

    New ideas from Alexei Chipovalov are added to Projects

     2007.04.01 - 23:30

    Fixed bug in CrossNT.lib with NT 3.51 support. With this version the following programms can run under NT 3.51:

     2007.04.01 - 10:10

    Present to the April, 1st: :)

     2007.03.24 - 11:16

    Try new UniATA v0.37, which seems to be our new STABLE version.
    Greate thanks to Mike for testing!
    Fixed bugs in SII and ATI SATA support. A little beautified SATA part of code. Also, I've removed a couple of rudimentary code and architectural weaknesses, left after ATAPI.SYS

     2007.03.19 - 14:45

    Fix in Power/Sleep keyboard buttons disabler. There was a bug with instantly holded Rigth Ctrl and Rigth Alt when machine is locked via Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Lock Workstation.
    (thanks to Stanislav U. Mikushkin).

     2007.02.16 - 19:28


    Published DbgPrint Dump sources, those can be built.

     2007.02.16 - 19:28

    Published new DbgPrint Dump v0.7. With important bugfixes.

     2007.01.28 - 12:40

    I've made patch to new squid 2.5-stable14 (r4). It makes possible to record total http-request+reply size in log-file. By default only http-reply size is logged.

     2007.01.27 - 18:22

    DeathSoft published sources for useful synchronization primitive for NT Kernel mode. It is called RW_LOCK (or NDIS_RW_LOCK). This implementaion is a precise analogue of relatively new NDIS XxxReadWriteLock() API. These functions are used to manage shared/exclusive access to data structures from simultaneously executed threads. Works at IRQL <= DISPATCH_LEVEL under all NT OSes.
    And you can use it not only in NDIS drivers :)
    Read it:
    Windows NT Kernel mode NDIS-like RWLock implementation

     2007.01.10 - 23:30

    In UniATA v0.36a fixed bug with uninitialized addresses of SATA registers. All SATA controllers except NVIDIA were affected. As result, driver could not detect attached devices and Windows could not find boot disk and crashed with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error code.

     2006.12.30 - 03:00

    Happy New 2007 Year!

    And here is a present to New Year, under the Cristmass tree :)

    Published UniATA v0.35c with SATA/SATA-2 support for VIA, SII, SIS, INTEL (except AHCI mode), ATI, NVIDIA, SERVERWORKS, ALI.

     2006.12.26 - 00:00

    Cool! We have some snow :)

    I've put info about USB support under NT4 to single place: USB Stack drivers for NT4.

    KtP announced 3 cool things:

    New version of UniATA with SATA/SATA2 (already works on my notebook) and NT 3.51 (not checked yet) support already exists. On my development systems. It will be published when I make sure that it works on all available for me systems.

     2006.12.11 - 13:17

    To PCI Dump v0.2 added PCI IRQ Routing Table dump option and displaying of PCI BIOS version. Also updated list of known PCI devices.

    Btw, thanks to this option :) I've understand why my PCI USB 2.0 card didn't work. For some reason when this card is inserted into PCI slot 6, it gets DeviceNumber=0x0c. The same time BIOS PCI IRQ Routing table says that it should have DeviceNumber=0x07 in this slot. I don't know yet how to fix this problem, but when I inserted card into different slot, the card got proper DeviceNumber, BIOS assigned IRQ to it and USB drivers did their work :)

    Fixed bug with generation links to archives on the site.

     2006.12.08 - 16:10

    Thanks to DeathSoft for update of GetProcAddress() functions for NT kernel mode. Now it uses standard system call RtlImageDirectoryEntryToData() for parsing headers of loaded modules.

     2006.12.07 - 16:24

    I've written manual for making VS 2005 (aka Visual Studio 8) driver project: Creating Driver project for Visual Studio 8.0.

     2006.12.06 - 00:00

    I've decided to make some promotion for our freeware CD/DVD recording software. Designed and implemented by Axxie and me. Can write to rewritable discs (CD−RW, DVD−RW, DVD+RW, DVD−RAM) from any application. Like to flash or floppy. Uses UDF file system.

     2006.12.02 - 21:33

    Published pre-configured empty driver project for VS 2005 (aka Visual Studio 8). You can find it together with VC6 project for kernel mode driver. Look in archive in pch_cpp subfolder. HOWTO for creating such project yourself is not ready yet.

     2006.12.01 - 20:31

    My congratulations with winter coming! And for people from southern hemisphere - with summer :) But I see something foggy-obscure beyond the window... nothing common to both...

    Published new DbgPrint Dump v0.6f with several important fixes.

     2006.11.24 - 02:59

    Thanks to DeathSoft for alternative solution of migrating driver project to newer VStudio and DDK.

     2006.11.23 - 13:37

    Consoliated info about migrating VC6 driver project to VC8 with DDK 2003. Even with backward compatibility of sources (in general, proper written sources should not require changes), project files .DSP, make files .MAK and DDK versions.

     2006.11.22 - 13:14

    KtP have updated universal VESA/VBE/SVGA/INT13 video drivers for NT family.

    Also, published new VESA/VBE/SVGA NT4 video-drivers by ScitechSoft:

    And I've written some detailes about using WinDbg and DbgPrint Dump:
    WinDbg HOWTO for QA engineers

     2006.11.18 - 03:27

    At last I have time to publish fresh SquidStat. This is Perl-script for traffic accounting based on Squid proxy log files.

     2006.11.17 - 00:00

    Site is moved to my own server :)
    With minor changes in single script I get rid of annoying "?lang=xx" in links. Also suppressed index.php in URLs when possible, made automatic redirection of old-style links to new locations and so on.

     2006.11.11 - 00:41

    After digging in 2003-R2 internals I've updated GetProcAddress() for NT kernel mode article. I've found that KTHREAD structure have changed and TEB pointer must be taken at different offset - 0x74.

     2006.11.02 - 13:31

    Some fixes in FastReboot.

     2005.11.01 - 22:34

    Fixes bug with improper .PDB type (/pdbtype:sept instead of /pdbtype:con) in samples from Visual Studio 6.0 (VC6) project for kernel mode driver

     2006.10.28 - 17:29

    After digging in Windows 2003-R2 internals I've updated article about KdPrint()/DbgPrint()/OutputDebugString(). Also, I was surprised that it had never been annonced here.

     2006.10.27 - 16:55

    Published new DbgPrint Dump v0.6e with support for Windows 2003 Server R2.

     2006.10.26 - 12:42

    I've tried latest USB drivers for NT4. My PCI USB 2.0 card made by VIA still doesn't work. Seems, the problem is originated by unassigned interrupt vector. For some reason (People, who know how to cure it ?) BIOS didn't make IRQ assignment. Probably I would have to implement PCI.SYS driver for NT4. This will give additional benefit of possibility to switch ATA controllers from Compatible mode to Native :)

     2006.10.24 - 01:06

    I was asked yesterday, how to make sure, that there is only one copy of application is running on given physical machine. This means, that even if there are multiple virtual machines are running on single physical machine, only one copy is allowed to run among them. While looking for the solution, I've found the following: - detecting VMWare and VirtualPC environment. And much more interesting thing: - communication between virtual VMWare machine (GUEST) and its HOST machine (backdoor interface).

     2006.10.15 - 00:27

    I've arranged drawings as a gallery. And I hope will soon add there more when get to scaner.

     2006.10.14 - 13:47

    Minor updates in atactl utility.

    Implementing SATA/SATA-II support in UniATA...

    Updated UniATA FAQ

     2006.10.08 - 22:01

    Links section (Dao) is updated with following links:

    (In Russian only) Rather driving life concepts. And very, very similar to my own.

     2006.09.23 - 21:06

    Today I attended procedure of knighting to Alpinists by Kiev club Vertical - (web-site is in Russian only). For this time just as spectator. Nevertheless, I was allowed to clime up the pine-tree and jump from knot to trapeze (this is a horizontal bar suspended on 2 ropes). And was succeded :) Though I had never took part in such measures and seen Aplinistic equipment in cinema only.

     2006.09.20 - 09:00

    I've just back from Jazz-festival in Koktebel, Crimea (web-site is in Russian only). I would recommend it for true jazz fans ;). Along with listening to music I've found some time to walk in Karadag's mountains and forest reserve. Nice place. And before going back I've attended the Fox Bight (to the West of Koktebel). And what about photos.... I'm too lazy to make them acceptable for web-publishing...

     2006.09.05 - 09:22

    At last I'm publishing new UniATA v33h2! As usually, with useful fixes :)

     2006.09.03 - 20:58

    Some fixes and useful features in new DbgPrint Dump v0.6d.

    This weekend I've overcome some significant problems in UniATA. Long time ago I've beautify handling of ATAPI devices, but unfortunately damaged 2000, XP and K' support :) But now if new version passes tests on machines of my friends, I'll update version on the site. However, even if some bugs are found I hope they'll be fixed very soon.

    PS. Seems, three things done in a right way rules the game: rest, treatment of job and time management :)

     2006.09.02 - 00:00

    KtP informs, that web page of universal VESA/VBE/SVGA video drivers for NT family is updated.

    Also updated unofficial NT 3.51 Service Pack by KtP.

    Published new USB drivers for NT4. KtP says, that they can USB 2.0. Cool.

     2006.08.29 - 21:54

    Now FastReboot allows you to select which OS you shall reboot to. When Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Break is pressed, OS list based on BOOT.INI is displayed. After choise system makes fast reboot to specified OS without any additional actions from you. Also added GUI configration dialog.

     2006.08.27 - 13:21

    Riding in Karpatian Mountains is cool :)

    Thanks to Exkurs for discussion GetProcAddress() for NT kernel mode article. Some inaccuracies are fixed and article is updated with usage samples.

     2006.07.16 - 01:10

    Thanks to DeathSoft fixed bug in GetProcAddress() functions for NT kernel mode. There was

    ULONG  max_func  =exports->AddressOfFunctions;
    while must be
    ULONG  max_func  =exports->NumberOfFunctions;

     2006.07.12 - 12:13

    I've just back from ethnic festival in Karpatian Mountains . Really greate thing. Wonderful music. Many bright people. Paradise...

    Today Aclys sent me key remap utility. It alows to swap entire keys, e.g. 'A' and 'B' or 'Win' and 'Alt'. Since it seems to become unavailable in the Internet, I've placed it to Downloads.

     2006.05.07 - 19:45

    Updated advanced volume information utility - fsstat
    Fixed handle and memory leaks in ParseSymLink() function. Now it is ready for productional use, even in drivers.

     2006.04.22 - 13:55

    Links and Docs sections are updated with some links:

    How to create and kill threads in NT Native Mode applications.
    WiFi antenna from tin can

     2006.04.09 - 22:09

    Page of universal VESA/VBE/SVGA video drivers for NT family by KtP - is updated again. Along with new versions you can find there some dosc and samples of calling Video-BIOS (INT 10) from NT kernel mode.

    Updated unofficial NT 3.51 Service Pack by KtP. Added new serial.sys.

     2006.04.08 - 00:39

    Published console process kill utility - wkill. Can find target processes by executable name and window caption.

     2006.03.29 - 01:55

    Added basic NTFS Reparse Points (Symbolic Links) support to xln.

     2006.03.18 - 16:11

    Since atactl utility itself appeared to be useful, now you can download it separately.

     2006.03.16 - 21:35

    Web page of universal VESA/VBE/SVGA video drivers for NT family by KtP - is updated with new version. It detects video card automatically and should not be recompiled. Though, KtP says that "manual" version is more stable.

    Also published unofficial NT 3.51 Service Pack by KtP. It enables support for large HDDs, FAT32, improves compatibility with new software.

     2006.03.16 - 14:46

    I've published Fast Ethernet thunderstorm protection circuit.

     2006.03.09 - 16:20

    Update in list of widespread ATA/ATAPI standard deviation. Today our heros are Intel PIIX/ICH families when dealing to ATAPI devices.

     2006.01.27 - 10:17

    Wow! It really exists. I mean Nirvana. MS Visual Studio 6.0 supports memory access breakpoints. And not such simple ones as SoftIce do. MS VS has very advanced memory access debugging tools. Rather strange, that so few people know about it. Even more, many people believe that there is no such thing in VC6 Debugger. And I was among these ones. Read MSDN.

     2006.01.25 - 00:23

    Thanks to Malx, link to is added to Links section. This is perfect document describing difference between DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW technologies.

     2006.01.23 - 21:00

    I've made list of widespread ATA/ATAPI standard deviation.

     2006.01.12 - 13:58

    I've turned around and found - host.exe for Windows. This is command line utility for determining host IP-address by domain name. I don't know why MS doesn't include such utility in Windows distribution. Sometimes it is very handful along with nslookup.exe (which is included). Enjoy:

     2006.01.08 - 10:37

    Heh... Happy New Year! And good luck!

    Thanks to DeathSoft, link to is added to Links section. This is high-performance Windows 2000/XP/2003 driver for synchronous and asynchronous serial ports and multiport PCI adapters. If believe the author, it supports transfer rates above 115200 and is free from well-known bugs of standard serial.sys by MicroSoft.

    Updated article about GetModuleHandle() and GetProcAddress() functions for NT kernel mode.

     2005.11.29 - 09:57

    Fixed bug with nForce family in UniATA v32a2. If believe Axxie and Mike, there are no more visible problems with these controllers.

     2005.11.29 - 00:50

    I've made patch to squid 2.4-stable7. It makes possible to record total http-request+reply size in log. By default only http-reply size is written to log.

     2005.11.20 - 21:44

    I've just forgotten - Mich told, that author of USB drivers for NT4, those are the first at, published sources.

     2005.11.20 - 19:07

    Published new versions of good drivers for NT4 by SciTechSoft and IoNetworks Thanks to KtP for notification.

     2005.11.18 - 14:48

    Today Axxie, Slst & CDK published new version of FAR FileCopyEx plugin. This is the first build, that unites all bugfixes to the previous ones. Well, I'll not praise on it here. It is better to attend its native web-site You will find there complete docs, binaries and sources. Enjoy!

     2005.11.17 - 18:30

    Today I've tried known (by ionetworks, see earlier news) USB drivers for NT4 v3.20 for USB-keyboard support. Them work. The keyboard was detected and got in use without any actions on my side. And along with connected PS/2 keyboard too. Or, rather - both them co-exist and co-operate without any conflicts. Even Caps/Num/Scroll-Lock LED's are synchronized. I'd like to find somewhere still one USB-keyboard and check this extreme configuration.

    I'd like to notice: Win XP have recognized and get into account this keyboard only after 3rd (!) reboot. And with BIOS-enabled support only. And only after I have unplugged PS/2 keyboard. I was made to use mouse for entering path to drivers and clicking on buttons. After this procedure both PS/2 and USB keyboards could operate simultaneously. Btw, XP don't want to work with additional USB 2.0 PCI card (CD with drivers is lost somwhere), against NT4. But this is another story.

    This is example of better USB support in the OS, where according to MS policy it was not planned at all. Because of inapplicable for dynamically connected (PnP) devices architecture. And WDM (PnP) technology since 2000 and higher - is the matter. Seems like a kind of shit. However, similar thing we have with ATA/IDE (and I suspect not only).

    In general, I would recommend you attend Using USB under NT4 page and look for the latest version.

     2005.10.14 - 22:28

    Published new UniATA v32a. This is intermediate version on the road to NT3.51 and ReactOS. It also includes several bug-fixes.

    Web page of universal VESA/VBE/SVGA video drivers for NT family by KtP is now available in both Russian
    and English:

     2005.10.13 - 16:50

    BTW, Mike told me, that scitechsoft also published universal audio-drivers for AC-97-compatible cards:

    Some thoughts, but in Russian only yet...

    ...let me say, it is about our life...

    Updated article about GetModuleHandle() for NT kernel mode. There are some interesting issues with finding ntoskrnl.exe and hal.dll modules. When KernelGetModuleBase3 is used, these modules always have such names. But when we use KernelGetModuleBase modules are named according to their real file names. For example if ntkrnlpa.exe is loaded as kernel, KernelGetModuleBase("ntoskrnl.exe") shall return NULL, while KernelGetModuleBase("ntkrnlpa.exe") - proper address. The same policy is applied to HAL.

     2005.09.28 - 09:03

    Sorry to KtP, I've missed the most important link:
    free universal VESA/VBE/SVGA video drivers for NT family -
    by KtP.

     2005.09.22 - 10:11

    KtP shared some useful links with me:

     2005.08.27 - 10:15

    Added sendmail SMTP server HOWTO to FBSD install article.

    Story about the UPS and so on

    My greatly praised APC UPS 1500VA being about 2 years old have done something strange. It produced about ten click-clicks - like switching between battery and normal operating modes. After the power guardian calm down. But all proteced computers got to reboot. Except the server, exhaling a thin stream of smoke. And I had to have a walk (at Saturday!) looking for the substitute for the burned-out power supply module. Since it was 1-unit one (such a thin box), the problem appeared to be difficult to solve (at least in our country). Fortunately. I've found second-hand 230W 2-unit module. The size is not a problem, because the case is big enough. But the aperture for the power supply socket appeared in inconvenient place. But hack-saw is a powerful thing, especially in compatibity issues ;) The server is now online, my home-net see the world, and I think about better approaches to protection of the equipment...

     2005.07.24 - 00:45

    A lot of fixes and improvements (e.g. NT 3.51 support) in DbgPrint Dump v0.6b

     2005.07.02 - 19:52

    Updated article about GetModuleHandle() and GetProcAddress() functions for NT kernel mode. Now all versions of Windows since NT3.51 (e.g. NT3/NT4/2000/XP/2003) are supported (thanks to Egor Yuzik).

     2005.06.27 - 19:33

    Summer, the heat, no job, I need not walking to the office. It is pleasant.......
    It is very nice. Just perfectly!
    The nature, the heels, the river an so on.....
    Somewhere in underground new uniata's, dbgdump's and co. are unhurriedly prepared to see the sun. So people, don't worry, be happy. The site is alive (some people already asked me ;).

    May be you will not believe me... But it would be truth to say that I've become an owner of NT4 license :) I'm a fun of this OS. And I've got such a nice present!

     2005.05.26 - 11:17

    To console PCI Dump v0.1f added raw dump option.

     2005.05.23 - 12:16

    A lot of fixes and improvements in DbgPrint Dump v0.5f

     2005.05.21 - 12:13

    Published implementation of such useful functions GetModuleHandle() and GetProcAddress() for NT kernel mode. You can use them in your drivers to dynamically get addresses of exported functions. Such functionality is very useful when writing unified drivers for different versions of Windows (e.g. NT4/2000/XP).

    Link to is added to Links page (thanks to DeathSoft). This is an iteresting addon to Numega SoftIce. It fixes some compatibility bugs. Hides SoftIce from ugly paranoic programms (those are actually useful, but falls into panic when see SoftIce, however nobody even tried to debug/hack them). And also adds a set of additional tools, those are available via debugger command prompt. This tool is available for free together with sources (option in istaller). It cannot be completely installed under NT4+sp4 since it wants shell32.dll to have GetFolderPathA().

     2005.05.18 - 08:54

    Link to greate search engine, specialized on sources of open-source projects. - is added to Links page.

     2005.05.13 - 14:58

    In DbgPrint Dump v0.5b implemented Kernel Debugger extension for extraction logs from crashdump.

     2005.05.08 - 13:09

    Fixed bug (extra bracket) in CommandLineToArgvA() and CommandLineToArgvW() functions.

     2005.04.25 - 11:59

    Still one important fix in DbgPrint Dump v0.5a . Found and fixed still one issue with debug message loss.

     2005.04.24 - 09:22

    Published comments by Taren to FBSD install (In Russian only yet).

     2005.04.22 - 12:09

    Fixed bug .INF file for NT4 in UniATA v31f. Previous versions could crash with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE if disk.sys driver had dependence on SCSI miniport group.

     2005.04.17 - 19:03

    A lot of critical fixes in DbgPrint Dump v0.5 . Read history for details.

    Updated cp-1251 fixed width font version is published (English letter 'k' is fixed).

     2005.04.12 - 09:11

    To DSync.exe added suppression of annoying message box when accessing empty removable drive. Find new executable and sources here: FastReboot.

     2005.04.10 - 17:01

    New ideas from DeathSoft, nortonc@ and Alter are added to Projects

    Since I've become owner of a digital camera, I tried NT4 USB Flash drivers from These drives works (at least UHCI) ! But note: I would recommend you to SYNC your volumes before disconnecting card. Otherwise filesystem on the Flash may be damaged and you will need to reformat it. You can use dsync.exe utility from FastReboot package to perform SYNC operation. Against sync.exe by M. Russinivich this utility is capable of syncing removable media and formatted for random access CD/DVD disks.

     2005.04.09 - 13:58

    Fixes in samples from Creating Visual Studio 6.0 (VC6) project for kernel mode driver

    Fixed several bugs in error recovery code for invalid device bus address in UniATA v31d.

     2005.04.05 - 03:07

    Fixed bug in IDE device address validation code in UniATA v31c. Previous versions could crash when someone attempt to send request to nonexistens IDE channel.

    Since I've got such a nice device as Digital Camera, photos come to the Art section.

     2005.03.31 - 23:07

    Important fixes in Creating VC6 project for kernel mode driver article. (thanks to Axxie)

     2005.03.25 - 09:51

    Update in the patch to standard cdrom.sys for NT4 - cdromx.sys.

    Added more information about project settings (thanks to Emusic from and Sample to Creating VC6 project for kernel mode driver article

     2005.03.24 - 12:08

    Published NT VDM INT28 driver by DeathSoft. This driver helps to avoid 100% CPU usage with some DOS applications in idle state.

    Minor updates in UniATA v31b, mainly for Debug purposes.

    Fixed method of System Account detection in DbgPrint Dump

    Minor fixes in Creating VC6 project for kernel mode driver

     2005.03.07 - 23:59

    <<  Say "NO" to Software Patents  >>


     2005.03.04 - 11:28

    Critical fix in UniATA v31a.

    Fixed bugs (crashes ;) with support of pathnames with spaces in deltree.exe and tailCRLF.exe.

     2005.02.25 - 11:11

    Some days ago I've read 1 byte story (In Russian only). Greate thing....

    Fix in user/kernel messages synchronization code in DbgPrint Dump.

     2005.02.21 - 15:00

    New version of UniATA v31. It contains some fixes. Seems that compatibility with controllers and connected ATA/ATAPI devices is significantly improved.

     2005.02.18 - 13:03

    Minor fix in DbgPrint Dump.

     2005.02.17 - 12:56

    At last I've written article about Creating VC6 project for kernel mode driver

     2005.02.09 - 23:52

    Updates in Links and
    Cyrilic and Ukrainian language support topics.

     2005.02.08 - 23:56

    Today Axxie sent me link to FreeBSD-like firewall utility for Windows platform. If belive developers, it has full feature set and the main - command prompt interface! Enjoy: .

     2005.02.08 - 12:55

    New Release and Debug builds of UniATA v30i with fixes.

    I've also created manuals for UniATA registry settings and atactl.exe.

    Published Far macro, implementing Left/Right shift of selected text with Tab/Shift-Tab in Far editor.

    Added Russian version of Windows NT Services and Drivers

    Updates in Links and MS Visual Studio 6.0 tips

     2005.01.30 - 13:30

    Along with traditional improved Release of UniATA v30h I've published special Debug build with logging enabled. Note: do not install Debug build until DbgPrint Dump is installed with

    DbgPrintLog.exe -full -T DTN -wd X:\dir_for_logs -drv 1 -svc A -drvopt DoNotPassMessagesDown 1
        -drvopt StopOnBufferOverflow 1 DbgDump.log

    Updated article about CD-recorders and their bugs. Added comments about LG, Benq and NEC.

    I've lost 3 days with recovering NTFS partitions on 40Gb HDD.
    First time I thought that these are the last days of its life. NT4, w2k and XP systems hanged on massive writes on it. chkdsk utility detected and fixed each time new errors. I've run it about 15 times, but without significant results. In addition I observed very low read transfer rate. After heroic afforts (it was very-very slow) all data was backed up to another HDD. Then I've reformatted HDD with surface check and recreated partitions. No BAD-blocks were found. Even more - after copying all data back, read transfer rate (copy to nul raised from 500Kb/sec to 4.8Mb/sec.
    Seem that it is was result of using NTFS compression on some folders, heavy fragmentation, driver testing and unexpected resets without further chkdsk :)

     2005.01.22 - 18:57

    Updated and improved samples with programmatic managing Windows NT Services and Drivers

     2005.01.16 - 20:31

    Critical fix in UniATA v30g.

    Some useful updates in DbgPrint Dump.

    PS. Sorry, I'm very busy with my job now...

     2005.01.03 - 18:16

    Added Native Mode support to SDK of DbgPrint Dump.

    And some minor changes like cross-references, spelling, etc.

     2005.01.02 - 16:06

    We have found that not all LBA48 bugs were fixed in previous version of UniATA. Try new UniATA v30e with more fixes.

     2005.01.02 - --:--

    Happy New Year !!! Good Luck !

     2004.12.27 - 22:15

    Good results! Yuschenko vs Yanukovuch - 52% vs 42%. Btw, it is not absolutely clear for me, where these 42% were taken from. But let it be. I observed the revolution from Kiev, may be it looks differently for Lugansk people.
    PS. nothing personal

    Fixed LBA48 support bug in UniATA v30c. LBA48 is addressing mode used for large capacity drives - more than 128Gb.
    Greate thanks to Alexander Spelicyn aka (remove X) for testing with 160Gb HDD on the old good i440BX (this controller doesn't support LBA48).

     2004.12.26 - 23:00

    Election of the president, round 2, remake

     2004.12.24 - 17:41

    Added GUI (by Entity) to rconf, the utility which can save and restore Application-specific registry settings and libraries.

     2004.12.24 - 12:04

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2005 to all celebrating people !!!

    Updated MS Visual Studio 6.0 tips and SPTI

     2004.12.22 - --:--

    1 month since beginning of the revolution

    Read more datails on Maidan site -

    Observe the central square of Kiev - Maidan Nezalezhnosti with web-camera at

     2004.12.20 - 00:55

    Once again European Patent Office attempts to allow software patents. Please, visit the following pages if you want to stop this kind of evil: Petition and Call for action

     2004.12.17 - 13:43

    Fixed bug in timestamp transformation algorithm and added high-precision timestamp support to DbgPrint Dump.

    And still one link from Mike:
    UFS/FFS for Windows. Info: UFS/FFS are native filesystems, used by FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.

     2004.12.13 - 00:38

    Many addons in DbgPrint Dump. Implemented capability of using KdPrint()/DbgPrint() on raised Irql (greater than DISPATCH_LEVEL), customizable message buffer size (in driver), introduced DbgPrint SDK and fixed some bugs. version changed to 0.3.

     2004.12.08 - --:--

    16th day, still 1 step to the victory. I'm sorry the translation will be ready later.

     2004.12.05 - 15:00

    Try new UniATA v30a. Seems I have fixed some bugs with INF-files, Windows versions and hardware compatibility.

     2004.12.04 - 23:26

    12th day... The things taking place now are greate...

    Read more datails on Maidan site -

    Observe the central square of Kiev - Maidan Nezalezhnosti with web-camera at

    DeathSoft have published the new idea in Projects, OMF support for LD linker

    and at least I've made link to Downloads.

     2004.12.03 - 23:14

    11th day, continuation. Also in Russian only.

     2004.11.28 - 23:27

    6th day of resistance...

    Still some expressions from the Revolution. Also in Russian only.

    Some improvements in DbgPrint Dump.

     2004.11.28 - 01:53

    I've made a kind of overview of various informational sites, news channels on TV. After that I decided to express my own view on the events taking place in our country. Sorry, the text is in Russian only for now.

     2004.11.25 - 14:00

    Election of the president of Ukraine... The government attempted to force election of V.Yanukovich. The most people voted for V.Yuschenko and claimed him to be the president. About 1 million of people takes part in meeting in Kiev for 4 days.

    You can also find more links in russian version of this site.

    Fixed some mistakes in site materials.

    Note: I do not publish any new software now. I have no time for this. Why ? See above.

     2004.11.10 - 23:43

    Election of the president of Ukraine... Find my oppinion and the reason for design change in russian version of this site.

    Fixed bug in PHP-script, leading to generation of incorrect paths to TGZ-archives.

    Useful addon to UniATA FAQ - how to recover after installing buggy version :)

     2004.11.07 - 11:53

    Fixed thread synchronization bug, leading to Page Fault in DbgPrint Dump.

     2004.11.06 - 19:27

    Minor fixes and improvements in DbgPrint Dump.

     2004.11.03 - 13:14

    Published implementation of useful function CommandLineToArgv() in both ANSI and Unicode versions.
    Note: ANSI version doesn't exist in Win32 API, Unicode version has too complex internals. The sources proposed are almost platform-independent (only memory allocation call must be tuned).

    Fixed still some mistakes in text messages in Bad Block Copy.

     2004.10.31 - 21:26

    Fixed minor bugs with text messages under Windows 95/98/Me in Bad Block Copy.

     2004.10.26 - 18:42

    Fixed bugs with command line parsing in Driver installing tool. I'm sorry, I didn't check the previous build.

     2004.10.27 - 15:47

    Fixed bug with syncing single volume with DSync.exe. Find new executable and sources here: FastReboot.

    Due to customer's requests I have added Windows 95/98/Me support to Bad Block Copy. Enjoy!

     2004.10.10 - 01:07

    So much time since the last posting.... Let me fix this bug :)

    Published updated Driver installing tool. I've added option for installing driver without automatic start. It is better to avoid starting some drivers from User Mode :)

    Information about Process/Thread Privileges is added to DbgPrint Dump log-file header. Sometimes it is very useful.

     2004.09.29 - 13:06

    Link to the site of Kiev Go-club - is added to Links page, section Friends.

    Copies of Far WinScp plugin are now available in Downloads section. Links to them are also added to Projects, SSH FileSystem.

     2004.09.21 - 18:22

    We have caught misterious bug in UniATA related to SiS IDE detection code. These controllers are rather strange... Read details and download new UniATA v29j.

    I've forgotten to say, now all links to archives come with archive size.

     2004.09.17 - 18:44

    Today I've received a pretty bug-report from Mike.... I was astonished with the shape... This was one rare case, when no additional questions appear. Just look here (181 Kb).

     2004.09.16 - 20:39

    Find new updates and fixes (especially related to Windows 95/98 support) in Far Indexer 93d

    Fixed bugs with crash on empty command line in srchrep from converter set.

    I have written very-very small HOWTO about enabling cyrilic font support for non-Unicode applications. For instance Far manager, most other console tools, a lot of GUI applications.

     2004.09.13 - 13:45

    For convenience of writing scripts, oriented on software testing, the EchoDbg utility is added to DbgPrint Dump package. In contrast to standard echo command EchoDbg allows sending text messages to DebugConsole using OutputDebugString(). In addition EchoDbg can redirect StdIn to DebugConsole.

    Improved Unix-like /dev/zero driver for NT/w2k/XP/etc. by Vitaliy,

     2004.09.09 - 12:52

    I have published UniATA v29i3. It includes some fixes, but I would recommend treating it as beta- (or even alpha-) version.

    Improved Unix-like /dev/zero driver for NT/w2k/XP/etc. by Vitaliy,

     2004.09.08 - 12:52

    Added link to CD-recorder FAQ.

     2004.09.03 - 17:17

    Added pre-boot script execution feature to FastReboot. Also implemented protection from simultaneus execution of multiple copies of FReboot.exe.

    Re-design of UniATA is under consideration now. Looks like standard Windows libraries for SCSI/IDE controllers support (scsiport/ideport) will not be used any more. Of course, this will not be easy, but problems with PnP compatibily and hardware dependence under w2K and higher will be solved. This change will also improve performance under all OSes (NT4 and higher).

     2004.08.26 - 20:48

    In same code for Intel ICHxxx IDE support found still one bug. Looks like that it is mine. The bug leads to data corruption. So, v29i is removed from the site.

    I get to know (Mike sent me URL), that driver for USB Flash-disks for NT4 already exists:

    Plus one interesting link from Anton:

     2004.08.25 - 16:36

    Found and fixed bug in Intel ICHxxx IDE support code. Who need it - DO NOT try new version (v29i). It contains still one or more (See above).

     2004.08.23 - 20:30

    Found and fixed bug in DbgPrint Dump. Its user-mode part crashed on intensive message flow from OutputDebugString(). Download update if you need it.

     2004.08.19 - 15:19

    Unix-like /dev/zero driver for NT/w2k/XP/etc. by Vitaliy,
    and Driver installing tool by M$ (compiled by Alter)

    Also updated:
    article about SPTI (Scsi Pass Through Interface) - the analogue of ASPI for NT-family OS'es (I think SPTI is much better designed).
    article about CD-recorders and their bugs.

     2004.08.16 - 17:00

    Hi, All! I'm back :) Lets start coding something :)

     2004.08.03 - 03:35

    Server restored!!! But with some unexpected difficulties. Something wrong happened to /usr and /home partitions. They remained readable, but fsck couldn't repair them. In addition during automatic check of / and /var partitions many config files were lost. Along with them some system libraries also disappeared. So I hadve to rebuild and reinstall the whole FBSD world and kernel. This revived even installed packeges.

     2004.08.02 - 00:15

    At least I had some time to implement import/export utility for application-specific setting. It can also save to separate directory libraries required by specific application. This is rather simple utility. Some time ago Axxie planned to develop much more powerful tool. But for now - use rconf. It keeps lists of required registry keys and libraries in .INI files. According to these configs utility can save application specific parts of registry and libraries to separate directory and later restore settings and place libraries to proper places under another OS. The only restriction are paths. They must be persistent across OS'es. See also NT multiboot.

    One very-very unplesant thing happened today. My home server was damaged. :(( Thunderstorm... but HDD is alive, so things are better than could be...

     2004.08.01 - 05:23

    A lot of fixes in UniATA v29h.

     2004.07.02 - 19:17

    I hate spammers... May be it is necessary to make back spam ?

     2004.06.30 - 15:55

    I made an attempt to recover old DVD-R (do you know, that DVD-R/RW loose data in rather short period of time - about a years). This attempt initiated some imprevement in Bad Block Copy.

    Fixed bug in UniATA v29d with system hang up when some new CD-drives are connected to some IDE controllers (e.g. CMD and may be some others).

    Now I'm also work on UniATA. I'm adding code for new devices and fixes for old ones (e.g. ICH4). I hope I'll publish new version before I go to have a rest for some weeks ;)

    BTW, does anybody know how Scsi Miniport can prevent system from Hibernate ?

    And finally some addons to FBSD install and Links

     2004.06.02 - 17:19

    VIA 8235 and VIA 8233A support code was added to UniATA Also fixed bug in SiS secondary IDE channel support code. (version 29c).

     2004.05.31 - 14:01

    After debugging NT scsiport the following article appeared: SPTI behavior and 64k buffers.

    And in addition - small HOWTO about setting up home router under FreeBSD

     2004.05.27 - 05:15

    Added basic Shell Links support (.lnk) to xln.

     2004.05.19 - 19:55

    Fixed text-mode setup files in UniATA. Now it can be installed during system text mode setup phase. If you need it - use 29b version.

     2004.05.14 - 12:30

    Fix in MyRunAs (now it works under w2k).
    Published NTFS hard link creation utility - xln.
    Updates in NT multiboot article. Added info about BC6 and performance updates for MSDN solution.

     2004.05.09 - 15:00

    Crimea - rulezz !!! (see Russian version)

    Also people sent some new ideas

    In addition, see update in DbgPrint Dump,

     2004.04.28 - 19:10

    XP/2k3 bug fix in DbgPrint Dump, fix in Far Indexer

     2004.04.26 - 15:00

    published advanced volume information utility - fsstat

     2004.04.23 - 14:30

    Updates in
    Far Indexer
    and DbgPrint Dump

     2004.04.20 - 13:00

    Fixed bugs with crash on empty files in srchrep from converter set and implemented simple esc-sequence support (\n, \r, \0, \t, \q).

     2004.04.19 - 15:10

    In DbgPrint Dump implemented OutputDebugString() catch.

     2004.04.16 - 15:30

    Fix in console PCI Dump.

    Far Indexer by Axxie,
    Unix<-> EOL translation Far plugin by Anton,
    and DbgPrint Dump by Alter.

     2004.04.12 - 19:00

    Patch to Unix GNU patch utility. Adds possibility of patching binary files.

     2004.04.08 - 17:00

    New version of UniATA (0.29a) is available. Added support for a couple of new devices, inplemented device include/exclude lists.

     2004.04.06 - 13:00

    Fixed PCI Dump for XP compatibility.

    Minor fixes in Display Control utility.

    Update in NT multiboot - about NTFS partitions creation.

    I'd like to say: Mozilla 1.7b - rulezzzz!!!
    UPSs from APC are also rulezz :)
    but Power Supply modules from computer cases are NOT. Until I inserted all missing inductivities in my 100W unit, (some hardware vendors use jumpers instead) it produced startup peak current of ~5A(!). It is instead of 0.5A.

     2004.03.30 - 12:30

    Fixed links to the latest version of PCI Dump.

    Published updated a little CacheSet utility by Mark Russinovich.

     2004.03.24 - 14:00

    Added support for external PCI device list to PCI Dump.

     2004.03.16 - 15:00

    To psubst added pathname normalization code. It is no longer important to set or not to set '\' at and of pathname. Both types of slashes ('\' and '/') are now acceptable.

     2004.03.13 - 23:50

    Updated article about NT multiboot and moving software settings across OS'es. Now docs for Environment variables, MSDN, MS Office 95/97 and Photoshop 7 are available. BTW, Photoshop 7 perfectly works under NT4. The only trouble is it's setup.exe.

     2004.03.03 - 03:10

    In Bad Block Recovery appeared key for setting number of attempts to read bad block.

     2004.03.02 - 17:00

    My congratulations, spring have come !!!! :)

    I've fixed a bug in persistent subst. There must be NO '\' character at the end of path string. In addition I created management utility for these persistent substs. It can be used instead of standard SUBST, because of compatible command line format.

    New version of PCI Dump is published. It contains console utility that dumps full information about present PCI devices in text form. To the point, people, who use UniATA, if you send me this dump, I will add your controller to list of actually supported devices :).

    PS. mail on already works.

     2004.02.25 - 19:29

    New version of UniATA (0.28) is available. It contains bugfixes for error in interrupt enable/disable routines, at least removed dependence on ScsiPort DMA support API. As result, No hacker's init methods needed and compatibility with various Windows versions become better.

    Hosting moved to, thanks to case@. Also created mirror -

     2004.02.13 - ??:??

    It is a great holiday, Friday, the 13th. This day some very good person have stollen Windows sources. Even more, that person shared them. Now our life becomes easier, and our programms clearer :)

    Looks like neverending war between Open Source Software and MS is ended.

     2004.02.05 - 13:05

    New edition of rar->tgz. With error checking. Previous version could simply delete the whole contents of current directory if you call it standing on "..". And it did so :) Thus, people who use it, make update now ;)

     2004.01.27 - 03:00

    Updates in Links

    New article about NT multiboot and VisualStudio settings is added

    New UniATA is coming soon...

    Pretty good fonts for programming: (link was taken from

     2004.01.20 - 18:18

    New version of UniATA (0.27a) is available (again). It contains bugfixes for error handling on CD (and other ATAPI) devices.

     2004.01.16 - 18:40

    Still one developer come :) - Vitaliy Vorobyov aka (remove X)

    New version (0.27) of UniATA is now available. Read the details.

     2004.01.08 - 12:30

    It have come !!!! This... how is it named.... New 2004 Year !!!!
    At least server works again. It worked until someone turned power off on Jan 2... Does anyone wants to mirror this site ;) ?

     2003.12.26 - 02:30

    Bug-fixes in UniATA. No hangs on DMA CRC errors!
    Updated article about CD-recorders.

     2003.12.25 - 09:58

    Updated MS Visual Studio 6.0 tips and About CD-R/RW drives
    Published drawings with better quality

     2003.12.18 - 23:11

    Published MS Visual Studio 6.0 tips.

     2003.12.18 - 13:09

    Found and published koi-8 OEM fonts.

     2003.12.18 - 04:20

    An article about various CD-recorders those I had seen is added.

     2003.12.18 - 04:16

    News have appeared. Together with News appearead this message. Creation time looks pretty...

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