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DbgPrint logger
NT3.51/NT4/NT4-TS/w2k/XP/2k3/2k3-r2/Vista and WinPE/BartPE/MobileOS

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DbgPrnHk_v9c.rar/tgz (95.6 Kb/117.1 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
DbgPrnHk_v9c_src.rar/tgz (149.9 Kb/180.2 Kb) - sources,
DbgPrnHk_v9c_sdk.rar/tgz (102.1 Kb/142.2 Kb) - SDK,
DbgPrnHk_v9c_all.rar/tgz (335.2 Kb/439.2 Kb) - all together
  • Fixed compatibility bug with non-RDTSC-capable CPUs (i386 and i486).

    DbgPrnHk_v9a.rar/tgz (94.9 Kb/116.3 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v9a_src.rar/tgz (140.9 Kb/170.3 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v9a_sdk.rar/tgz (102.1 Kb/142.2 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v9a_all.rar/tgz (325.4 Kb/428.6 Kb) - all together
  • Added experimental INT 3 handling when working over COM-port (WinDbg protocol).

    DbgPrnHk_v9.rar/tgz (94.6 Kb/116 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v9_src.rar/tgz (140.6 Kb/170 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v9_sdk.rar/tgz (102.1 Kb/142.2 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v9_all.rar/tgz (325 Kb/428.1 Kb) - all together
  • Added support for syslog (RFC-3164) as data source. You can enable it with
    --in:syslog HOST[:PORT].

    DbgPrnHk_v8i.rar/tgz (93.8 Kb/115.1 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v8i_src.rar/tgz (139 Kb/168.4 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v8i_sdk.rar/tgz (102.2 Kb/142.3 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v8i_all.rar/tgz (322.7 Kb/425.6 Kb) - all together
  • Fixed severeal bugs in WinDbg protocol over COM-port support. Thanks to KtP. Now works with all OSes from NT3.51 to Vista.
  • Fixed bug in --nowait handling.

    DbgPrnHk_v8g.rar/tgz (93.3 Kb/114.6 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v8g_src.rar/tgz (135 Kb/160.8 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v8g_sdk.rar/tgz (100.3 Kb/139.6 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v8g_all.rar/tgz (316.3 Kb/414.9 Kb) - all together
  • Added WinDbg protocol over COM-port support! Works regardless of NT OS versions on master and slave machines.

    DbgPrnHk_v8d.rar/tgz (85.9 Kb/104.8 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v8d_src.rar/tgz (107.7 Kb/128.7 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v8d_sdk.rar/tgz (61 Kb/69.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v8d_all.rar/tgz (242.9 Kb/302.7 Kb) - all together
  • Added Windows Vista support.

    DbgPrnHk_v8c.rar/tgz (85.9 Kb/104.8 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v8c_src.rar/tgz (107.6 Kb/128.6 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v8c_sdk.rar/tgz (61 Kb/69.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v8c_all.rar/tgz (242.8 Kb/302.6 Kb) - all together
    Present to the 1st April:
  • Restored NT3.51 support, broken by syslog support.
  • Added --syslog:mtu option. Sets maximum syslog packet size (1024 bytes by default).

    DbgPrnHk_v8b.rar/tgz (85.8 Kb/104.7 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v8b_src.rar/tgz (107.6 Kb/128.5 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v8b_sdk.rar/tgz (61 Kb/69.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v8b_all.rar/tgz (242.7 Kb/302.5 Kb) - all together
    Fast update:
  • Added multiple output stream support. Is configured with multiple --out:xxx keys. For now only one stream of each type is allowed.
  • Added binary log format (with --raw). Data is stored in internal format.

    DbgPrnHk_v8a.rar/tgz (85.4 Kb/104.3 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v8a_src.rar/tgz (107.2 Kb/128 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v8a_sdk.rar/tgz (60.9 Kb/69.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v8a_all.rar/tgz (242 Kb/301.4 Kb) - all together
  • According to Angelo's Conforti prompt added syslog (RFC-3164) support. You can enable it with
    --out:syslog HOST[:PORT].
  • Added PID to Process Name translation (switch -P).
  • SIgnature Page is now allocated from lower physical address for faster search.

    DbgPrnHk_v7g.rar/tgz (80.9 Kb/99 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v7g_src.rar/tgz (102.7 Kb/122.2 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v7g_sdk.rar/tgz (34.2 Kb/39.1 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v7g_all.rar/tgz (207 Kb/260.2 Kb) - all together
  • Fixed bug with filling 1-byte fileds of internal state structure. When recognizing command line woth options, these fields were treated as of 4 length. As result value assign,ent damaget 3 next fields. This promlem mainly affected KD Extension.

    DbgPrnHk_v7f.rar/tgz (80.8 Kb/98.8 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v7f_src.rar/tgz (102.7 Kb/122.2 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v7f_sdk.rar/tgz (34.1 Kb/39 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v7f_all.rar/tgz (206.9 Kb/259.9 Kb) - all together
  • added --ovw switch to allow overwriting of existing log-files.
  • Added support for NT4 Terminal Server (TS). Appeared, that it has different DbgPrint() internals.
  • Removed buffer size limitation, caused by NonPagedPool size limit. Now if too large buffer is requested, driver allocates it from PagedPool and locks in physical memory (MmProbeAndLockPages(), may be you know).

    DbgPrnHk_v7e.rar/tgz (77.6 Kb/95.6 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v7e_src.rar/tgz (95.9 Kb/114.1 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v7e_sdk.rar/tgz (33.7 Kb/38.7 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v7e_all.rar/tgz (196.7 Kb/248 Kb) - all together
  • added --run switch to control DbgPrintLog execution mode (service vs. plain application). By default DbgPrintLog operates as service when running under SYSTEM account. But in Windows PE environment (WinPE/BartPE/MobileOS) this is wrong way, since all applications are executed under SYSTEM accout there. Use --run:user to overcome this problem.

    DbgPrnHk_v7c.rar/tgz (76.7 Kb/94.6 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v7c_src.rar/tgz (94.9 Kb/112.7 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v7c_sdk.rar/tgz (33.7 Kb/38.7 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v7c_all.rar/tgz (194.9 Kb/245.5 Kb) - all together
  • fixed bugs with 1Mb limitation for message buffer.
  • some interface improvements
  • to system state snapshot added information about connected debuger (like WinDbg)
  • experimental support for NT3.51 on 80386 CPUs, where some useful opcodes are not implemented.

    DbgPrnHk_v7b.rar/tgz (75.5 Kb/93.2 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v7b_src.rar/tgz (93.5 Kb/110.2 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v7b_sdk.rar/tgz (33.6 Kb/38.6 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v7b_all.rar/tgz (192.3 Kb/241.8 Kb) - all together
  • fixed bugs with NT3.51 support in CrossNT.lib. So, now we have NT3.51 support in DbgPrint logger. Enjoy! I've tested it personally.

    DbgPrnHk_v7a.rar/tgz (74.7 Kb/92.4 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v7a_src.rar/tgz (93 Kb/109.6 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v7a_sdk.rar/tgz (33.7 Kb/38.6 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v7a_all.rar/tgz (191.1 Kb/240.5 Kb) - all together
  • fixed bugs in build script. Link to previous version with buggy scripts (which could not even be built from published sources) I've removed.
  • Cross-NT library is finally separated from DbgPrint SDK.

  • Added --drv:reconfig key for updating driver settings according to Registry updates without restart.
  • Added option for adding current stack frame pointer's value to log records. See DumpStackFramePtr.
    Use -sfp or --stack_frame_ptr to store this value in log-file.
  • Now you can control from the console the following parameters:
    'I' - CheckIrql
    'P' - DoNotPassMessagesDown
    'O' - StopOnBufferOverflow
    'A' - AggregateMessages
    '?' - query current settings
  • A litle improved driver/service install code.
  • Fixed bug in lsig command of KD Extension, which limited signature search to 1Mb of physical memory.
  • Fixed bug with not working detect of memory size in driver.
  • Fixed bug with determining free space in message buffer in driver. This bug prevent capturing messages after buffer overflow even if user-mode client read them all.
  • Now driver uses Cross-NT library to support different OS versions.
  • Cross-NT library is significantly improved and seems to be ready for independent life. For example, for use in other drivers. Thanks to DeathSoft

  • Fixed bug with missed IoCompleteRequest() call in Open/Close handlers. In practice this is memory leak.
  • Fixed bug with incorrecly updated message queue tail pointer on buffer overflow condition. This caused some messages to be duplicated when saving to file.
  • Fixed several bugs in KD Extension, those caused multiple saving on same messages to file.
  • Messages in KD Extension are made better.

  • Fixed link to the version with Windows 2003 Server R2 support on this page.

  • Added Windows 2003 Server R2 support! There are significant changes in Debug Messages support code, I'll write about them a little later.
  • You can use the following (new) syntax for options in command line:
    --drv:opt OptionName=OptionValue
  • Added --drv:deinst, --drv:uninst, --drv:uninstall, --drv:deinstall keys and similar ones for service: --svc:deinst, etc.
  • Added -e switch to save and ls commands if KD Extension.
  • Made some refactoring in the part of code that is compiled in two versions: Unicode and Ansi (for KD Extension).
  • Fixed minor bug in the driver, which prevented driver version from being displayed in log.
    DbgPrnHk_v6e.rar/tgz (72 Kb/89.1 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v6e_src.rar/tgz (89.4 Kb/105.4 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v6e_sdk.rar/tgz (33.2 Kb/38.1 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v6e_all.rar/tgz (184.8 Kb/232.2 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug with handling -s, --max_log_size switches.
  • Fixed bug with install/deinstall driver in mode 1 (--drv:inst 1, very first).
  • Added new commands to Kernel Debugger extension.:
    del clear message buffer on remote machine
    pause pause/resume capturing logs
    drvopt change logs capturing options
  • Fixed bug in hooking DebugPring under NT 3.51.
  • Improved error handling during driver initialization.
  • Added option for invoking Kernel Debugger when message buffer overflow encountered. You can save messages and continue debugging. Can be enabled with StopOnBufferOverflow=2
  • Improved NT3.51 support with latest achievements in GetModuleHandle() investigations.
    DbgPrnHk_v6d.rar/tgz (70 Kb/87 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v6d_src.rar/tgz (87.5 Kb/103.6 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v6d_sdk.rar/tgz (32.8 Kb/37.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v6d_all.rar/tgz (180.7 Kb/227.7 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug with handling /h and /? switches.
  • Extended and (I hope) improved command line syntax. Backward compatibility is preserved.
  • Fixed bug with not always working message buffer flushing after pressing 'F' key.
  • return xxx; is now used instead of exit(xxx);. And all cases when such returns are possible are handled. Now if fatal error occured when operating as Service, to OS will observe correct service stop process instead of unexpected crash.
  • Added --status switch for checking current state of logger components.
  • Added NT3.51 support with help of new GetModuleHandle() implementation.
  • SDK API is extended to allow sending non-text (binary) messages. Client is also updated for displaying such messages as HEX-dump.
  • Added option for more compact message storage (with a little lower timestamp precision). See AggregateMessages.
  • Some reengineering was made. Changed directory structure and .H-files.
    DbgPrnHk_v6b.rar/tgz (65.8 Kb/82.4 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v6b_src.rar/tgz (79.1 Kb/94.6 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v6b_sdk.rar/tgz (30.8 Kb/35.3 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v6b_all.rar/tgz (168.2 Kb/211.9 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug in error message output ;). Unicode strings attempted to be displayed as ANSI, that is why only the 1st character came to the ouptut stream.
  • Fixed bug in call address patching code, used for system call hooking - page protection was disabled beyond pushfd+cli/popfd.
    Thanks to DeathSoft.
  • Added options for storage messages in driver buffer only. No output stream is created. In this mode messages can be extracted with help of Kernel Debugger extension.
  • Fixed page-fault in output buffering module.
  • Fixed spelling and made some optimization - constant strings are copied to output buffer with memcpy instead of sprintf.
  • Added option --last for ls/list and save commands in Kernel Debugger extension. Allows view/save only last N messages.
  • Added option --next for ls/list command in Kernel Debugger extension. Allows to view next N messages.
  • Added lsig command to Kernel Debugger extension. Allows to find message buffer by signature - for the case of damaged system structures.
  • In Kernel Debugger extension improved logs and fixed some bugs.
    DbgPrnHk_v5f.rar/tgz (62 Kb/78.2 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v5f_src.rar/tgz (67.4 Kb/78.8 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v5f_sdk.rar/tgz (17 Kb/18.7 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v5f_all.rar/tgz (140.5 Kb/175.3 Kb) - all together

  • Implemented Kernel Debugger extension for extraction logs from crashdump.
  • Added options for reading message stream from file and stdin.
    DbgPrnHk_v5b.rar/tgz (59.2 Kb/74.9 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v5b_src.rar/tgz (65.7 Kb/76.8 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v5b_sdk.rar/tgz (17 Kb/18.7 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v5b_all.rar/tgz (136.3 Kb/170 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug with incorrect setting of driver buffer size. It could contain only 8 messages. That is why many (especially short and frequent) messages were lost.
  • Fixed bug in user mode client with automatic flush of file buffer. Timeout condition never heppened because timeout counter was incorrectly cleared.
  • In user mode client implemented new hot-key 'H'. It displays help message about hot-key assignments.
    DbgPrnHk_v5a.rar/tgz (47.4 Kb/59.7 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v5a_src.rar/tgz (58.2 Kb/67 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v5a_sdk.rar/tgz (17 Kb/18.7 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v5a_all.rar/tgz (117.8 Kb/145 Kb) - all together

  • There is one specific word in English. It is oftenly used to express variety of feeling those come from understanding how deep the shit is. It must be pronounced drawly, covering face with one's hands.
    To cut a long story short, I've found a terrible bug. File i/o buffering module had buffer size of 4 bytes (!) (may be for debug intents) instead of 64k. It is not difficult to understand that performance was rather pure.
    This bug was discovered absolutely by a chance. I've met a need of capturing logs from some File System Monitoring utility. I was astonished seeing that 95% of debug messages have gone in undetermined direction. During investigation I optimized that utility itself, DebugPrint helper driver and some parts of user mode client, even more, some bugs was found and fixed (see below). I have even carried out experiments for determining corelation between amount of survived logs and driver message buffer size. But all these changes gave only some percents benefit. And then... I decided to increase client file output buffer size from 64k to 128k. I've opened flusher.h, a saw...
    There is one specific word in English.
  • Fixed bug with invalid ProcessId in messages coming from OutputDebugString().
  • Added workaround for handling debug messages in bad execution contexts, when FS points to invalid block and Process and Thread ID are not available.
  • All internal states (variables, pointers, counters, flags, etc.) are agregated into single public structure. Pointer to this structure is exported from driver module. This is the first step to Kernel Debug Extension for extraction logs from the crash dump and standalone utility with same capabilities.
  • SDK API is extended to allow sending user-filled debug message packet (timestamp, Process/Thread ID CPU, etc.) directly to the message queue.
    DbgPrnHk_v5.rar/tgz (47.2 Kb/59.5 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v5_src.rar/tgz (53.1 Kb/61.2 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v5_sdk.rar/tgz (17 Kb/18.7 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v5_all.rar/tgz (112.6 Kb/139 Kb) - all together

  • Implemented proper method of System Account detection. Now it is performed via owner's SID check. User Name check was used. This doesn't work under non-English Windows.
  • Registry Option support code is moved to separate function.
    DbgPrnHk_v4f.rar/tgz (46.8 Kb/59 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v4f_src.rar/tgz (51.9 Kb/59.9 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v4f_sdk.rar/tgz (16.5 Kb/17.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v4f_all.rar/tgz (110.6 Kb/136 Kb) - all together

  • Changed way of transferring messages from OutputDebugString() to the thread, writing them to log-file. I've experienced that if we have significant flow of such messages plus 100% CPU load, some kernel-mode messages are lost. Now all messages are routed through kernel driver.
    DbgPrnHk_v4e.rar/tgz (46.7 Kb/58.9 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v4e_src.rar/tgz (51.4 Kb/59.3 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v4e_sdk.rar/tgz (15.6 Kb/16.2 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v4e_all.rar/tgz (109 Kb/134.1 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug with high-precision time output. Sometimes "-" sogn appeared in the middle of the number.
  • Fixed bug with manual drive installation requirement (with -drv switch).
    DbgPrnHk_v4d.rar/tgz (46.5 Kb/58.7 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v4d_src.rar/tgz (51.1 Kb/58.9 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v4d_sdk.rar/tgz (15.6 Kb/16.1 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v4d_all.rar/tgz (108.6 Kb/133.5 Kb) - all together

  • Added option for loading before all other drivers.
  • Added option for displaying number of the CPU, on which the message was captured.
  • Added Kernel Mode support to SDK.
  • Added capability of using alternative timestamp generation for debug messages and message buffer overflow behavior control. See DbgPrint logger registry settings
    DbgPrnHk_v4c.rar/tgz (46.4 Kb/58.6 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v4c_src.rar/tgz (51 Kb/58.8 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v4c_sdk.rar/tgz (15.5 Kb/16.1 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v4c_all.rar/tgz (108.3 Kb/133.2 Kb) - all together

  • Added Native Application support to SDK.
  • Added capability of blocking debug messages to pass down to DebugPrint(). If you set DoNotPassMessagesDown value under [HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DbgPrnHk] registry key to DWORD:0x00000001, driver will continue capturing debug-messages, but will not pass them to real DbgPrint() at all.
    DbgPrnHk_v3b.rar/tgz (38.5 Kb/50.2 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v3b_src.rar/tgz (43.9 Kb/50.5 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v3b_sdk.rar/tgz (14.5 Kb/14.8 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v3b_all.rar/tgz (92.4 Kb/115.2 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug with converting debug message TimeStamp from processor tick counter (QueryPerformanceCounter()/KeQueryPerformanceCounter()) to human-readable form. I found very helpful article in MSDN
  • Added capability of printing high-precision TimeStamps (100ns precision). This mode can be enabled with N modifier in time format string after -T switch.
    DbgPrnHk_v3a.rar/tgz (38.4 Kb/50.2 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v3a_src.rar/tgz (31.5 Kb/36.4 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v3a_sdk.rar/tgz (12.3 Kb/12.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v3a_all.rar/tgz (77.9 Kb/98.7 Kb) - all together

  • Introduced SDK for communication with log-capturing tools.
  • Added capability of catching debug messages on Irql > DISPATCH_LEVEL. This feature is not critical for NT4, however DDK states that DbgPrint() can be used on Irql <= DISPATCH_LEVEL. But my UniATA driver successfully used it. Under w2k and higher I met a trouble. DbgPrint() was no longer usable on raised Irql. If you set CheckIrql value under [HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DbgPrnHk] registry key to DWORD:0x00000001, driver will continue capturing debug-messages, but will not pass them to real DbgPrint() on Irql > DISPATCH_LEVEL.
  • Implemented driver buffer registry setting. Value BufferSize in [HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DbgPrnHk] registry key specifies buffer size in KBytes. The size is automatically aligned on power of 2.
  • Information about Time Zone is added to log-file header.
  • Changed time format. Now timestamps are printed as Local Time instead of UTC. You can revert to UTC format with U modifier in time format string after -T switch.
  • Fixed bug with overflow of driver's message queue. When overflow occured, latest messages were repeated multiple times. This behavior was caused by incorrect update of unread message counter.
    DbgPrnHk_v3.rar/tgz (38.1 Kb/49.9 Kb) - archive with all necessary files,
    DbgPrnHk_v3_src.rar/tgz (31.2 Kb/36 Kb) - sources,
    DbgPrnHk_v3_sdk.rar/tgz (12.3 Kb/12.5 Kb) - SDK,
    DbgPrnHk_v3_all.rar/tgz (77.3 Kb/98 Kb) - all together

  • Fixed bug with handling messages from OutputDebugString() longer than 120 characters. Previous versions truncated such messages and printed trash characters.
  • Information about CPU type and amount of memory is added to log-file header.
    DbgPrnHk_v2k.rar/tgz (37.1 Kb/48.8 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.
    DbgPrnHk_v2k_src.rar/tgz (26.6 Kb/29.9 Kb) - sources

  • Fixed thread synchronization bug, leading to Page Fault.
    DbgPrnHk_v2j.rar/tgz (36.6 Kb/48.4 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.
    DbgPrnHk_v2j_src.rar/tgz (26 Kb/29.2 Kb) - sources

  • Added availability check to the information about Process/Thread Privileges. The utility checks if each privilege can be gained.
  • Fixed inconvenience in driver/service installation code. Previous versions required DbgPrintLog.exe to be placed in current directory.
    DbgPrnHk_v2i.rar/tgz (36.6 Kb/48.4 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.
    DbgPrnHk_v2i_src.rar/tgz (26 Kb/29.2 Kb) - sources

  • Information about Process/Thread Privileges is added to log-file header. Sometimes it is very useful.
    DbgPrnHk_v2h.rar/tgz (36.4 Kb/48.2 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.
    DbgPrnHk_v2h_src.rar/tgz (25.9 Kb/29 Kb) - sources

  • EchoDbg utility.
  • Index file support - -x switch. See headers in \inc for details.
  • Preallocated log size support - -S switch. See headers in \inc for details.
    DbgPrnHk_v2g.rar/tgz (36.2 Kb/47.9 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.
    DbgPrnHk_v2g_src.rar/tgz (25.5 Kb/28.4 Kb) - sources

  • crash on intensive message flow via OutputDebugString()
  • conflict of -t switches. Now -t includes thread id into log, and -T sets timestamp format.
    DbgPrnHk_v2f.rar/tgz (28.9 Kb/30.5 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.
    DbgPrnHk_v2f_src.rar/tgz (23 Kb/25 Kb) - sources

  • DbgPrintLog can run as service
  • load order control (Boot/System/Automatic/Manual)
  • human-readable time/date format in log-files
    DbgPrnHk_v2e.rar/tgz (28.9 Kb/30.4 Kb) - binaries.
    DbgPrnHk_v2e_src.rar/tgz (23 Kb/24.9 Kb) - sources

    Fixed terrible bug: Under XP and higher driver cunsumed 99% CPU on unload
    DbgPrnHk_v2d.rar/tgz (26.3 Kb/27.8 Kb) - binaries.
    DbgPrnHk_v2d_src.rar/tgz (19.4 Kb/21.1 Kb) - sources

    Added a lot of tuning paramaters and control keys. Enjoy :)
    DbgPrnHk_v2b.rar/tgz (26.3 Kb/27.8 Kb) - binaries.
    DbgPrnHk_v2b_src.rar/tgz (122.4 Kb/141.5 Kb) - sources

  • Implemented OutputDebugString() capturing.
  • Keyboard message handler is moved to separate thread.
    DbgPrnHk_v2.rar/tgz (20.9 Kb/22.2 Kb) - binaries.
    DbgPrnHk_v2_src.rar/tgz (17.6 Kb/18.7 Kb) - sources

    DbgPrnHk_v1a.rar/tgz (20.1 Kb/21.3 Kb) - The first version.

    DbgPrnHk_v1a_src.rar/tgz (15.9 Kb/17 Kb) - sources

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