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Display Control for Windows

AFAIK, MS Windows doesn't permit some display settings supported by videocard driver. NT4 and w2k have bottom limit of 640x480, XP - of 800x600. This is inconvinient in some games. This utility allows you to set any supported display resolution and get list of all available display modes. Also, it can be used from command prompt and .BAT files.

ntsetvmod_v1e.rar/tgz (35.3 Kb/37.5 Kb) contains sources, VC6 project file and compiled Release-version of vmctl.exe. This is the last release of this tool. Since 2007.09.03 vmctl.exe is extended with management options fopr keyboard, mouse and some user interface settings. Now it is called uictl.
        vmctl <options>
        --help, --h, --?      display this screen
        --x=NUMBER            X-resolution
        --y=NUMBER            Y-resolution
        --ref=NUMBER          Vertical Sync. (Hz)
        --bp=NUMBER           bits per pixel
        --save, --s           save new settings in registry (system-wide change)
        --list, --l           display all available modes
        --compat, --c         display display-compatible modes only (Win2000+)
        --optimal, --o        try to set 'optimal' mode ;)
        --test, --t           test requested mode
        vmctl --x=320 --y=240
        vmctl --x=1600 --y=1280 --ref=85 --save

Usabiliy improvement: when --optimal is used, dialog box with prompt "Is display mode configured properly" appears immediately after mode change. If user doesn't answer in 10 secinds, original mode is restored.
ntsetvmod_v1e.rar/tgz (35.3 Kb/37.5 Kb)

According to request from developers of MobileOS:
  • Added option for exclusion display modes incompatible with connected display (works since Win 2000).
  • Implemented automatic display mode selection.
  • Added display mode test and user confirmation.
    ntsetvmod_v1d.rar/tgz (32.3 Kb/33.8 Kb)

    Fixed bug: changing refresh rate without touching resolution switched display to random video-mode.
    ntsetvmod_v1b.rar/tgz (29.8 Kb/31.4 Kb)

    Fixed minor bug in help-message.
    ntsetvmod_v1a.rar/tgz (27.4 Kb/28.7 Kb)

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