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Fast reboot + DiskSync NT3.51/NT4/w2k/XP/2003

by Axxie ( (remove X)),
Alter ( (remove X))

These utilities can

  • perform quick system reboot correctly with possibility of saving User Profile. It also allows to initiate usual shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff process from command prompt or when Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del is pressed.
  • initiate reboot to any OS defined in BOOT.INI when by Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Break hot-key.
  • force applications to terminate
  • force sync of system file cache to disk


When freboot.exe is started without any switches for the first time, it displays GUI configuration dialog. If freboot.exe is already installed, it will operate according to Registry settings:


GUI configuration dialog can also be called with --setup switch.

-q (Quick Reboot) and -m (Reboot Manager) keys enables hot-keys Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del and Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Break respectively. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del initiates quick reboot or shutdown according to additional keys -r, -s, -p, -l. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Break displays OS selection list constructed from BOOT.INI. When OS is chosen, machine reboots to it like when Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del is pressed. The main advantage is that freboot.exe rebuilds BOOT.INI and makes selected OS default. You need not waiting for WinNT boot-manager's manu and select item there.

-f forces applications to terminate before ending session.

If you use -u User Profile of the current user will be saved before quick reboot (thus, FReboot is also useful under NT4 OS).

To use quick reboot mode you need Administrator privileges.
If none of -q, -m and -u keys is specified, normal shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff process with optional forcing applications to terminate shall be performed.

If you have some services, those must be correctly stopped before shutdown, you can add '--script <script_full_path>' key. After that FReboot will execute your script before initiating shutdown process. For example I use the following script 'stop_crit_svc.bat':

net stop "Apache"
net stop "OracleServiceRECOGN"
net stop "OracleOraHome81TNSListener"

Here is the list of all available switches:

key description
<none> wait for Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del and initiate Quick Reboot
-i reboot immediately (can be used with -u)
-q initiate reboot when Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del is pressed
-m invoke 'Reboot to' OS selection menu when Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Break is pressed
-r reboot
-s shutdown
-l logoff
-p poweroff
-u save User Profiles when performing Quick Reboot (NT4 or newer)
-f force applications to terminate
-g run BOOT.INI manager (since v 0.3b)
--script <script_path> execute specified application or bat-file before reboot
--setup run GUI setup dialog

Install notes

setup.bat runs FReboot.exe in configuration mode. After successful setup 2 Registry values are set.


This string value instructs shell (explorer.exe) to run FReboot.exe with some switches.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment],"BootDrive"

This value defines BootDrive system variable, which is used by FReboot to locate BOOT.INI.

The latest version of main utility - freboot_v3c.rar/tgz (45.9 Kb/57.7 Kb)

In addition during development process some intermediate products appeared:
1. Console reboot utility for NT3.51/NT4/w2k/XP. It can also be used in shortcut with some hot-key (for ex. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-\).
Its latest version - FastReboot_v1c.rar/tgz (21.8 Kb/22.7 Kb)
PS. All its functionality is moved to the main product, thus, it is deprecated,
2. Disk cache sync utility for NT3.51/NT4/w2k/XP. Against SysInternal's utility (sync.exe) DSync.exe can operate with removable media. This is useful for Flash-disks and UDF-formatted CD/DVD-RW.
Should be used under NT4 when working with USB drivers before disconnecing USB devices.
Last version - DSync_v1d.rar/tgz (28.8 Kb/30.4 Kb)
3. Utility that enumerates logged in users.
Last version - EnumUsers_v1a.rar/tgz (21.8 Kb/22.7 Kb)


Fixed bug: boot.ini could be damaged if you press button, corresponding to non-existant boot menu item. freboot_v3b.rar/tgz (45.9 Kb/57.7 Kb) and freboot_v3b_src.rar/tgz (39.9 Kb/47.3 Kb)

1st April update, with NT 3.51 support :) freboot_v3b.rar/tgz (45.9 Kb/57.7 Kb) and freboot_v3b_src.rar/tgz (39.9 Kb/47.3 Kb)

Some small, but useful fixes, mainly related to compatibility with various environments. freboot_v3a.rar/tgz (45.8 Kb/57.6 Kb) and freboot_v3a_src.rar/tgz (39.6 Kb/47 Kb)

  • Added GUI configuration dialog
  • Implemented reboot to specified OS functionality invoked by Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Break
  • Rewritten descrip[tion web-page. Previous version is available here
freboot_v3.rar/tgz (52.8 Kb/77.2 Kb) and freboot_v3_src.rar/tgz (38.5 Kb/45 Kb)

  • To DSync.exe added suppression of annoying message box when accessing empty removable drive. Find new executable and sources here:
    DSync_v1b.rar/tgz (27.8 Kb/29.4 Kb)
  • Also updated Fast Reboot package:
freboot_v2c.rar/tgz (33.3 Kb/44.3 Kb) and freboot_v2c_src.rar/tgz (23.8 Kb/26.5 Kb)

  • Fixed bug with sync'ing single volume with DSync.exe. Find new executable and sources here:
    DSync_v1b.rar/tgz (27.8 Kb/29.4 Kb)
  • Also updated Fast Reboot package:

freboot_v2b.rar/tgz (33.3 Kb/44.2 Kb) and freboot_v2b_src.rar/tgz (23.8 Kb/26.4 Kb)2004.10.26

freboot_v2a.rar/tgz (33.3 Kb/44.3 Kb) and freboot_v2a_src.rar/tgz (23.7 Kb/26.4 Kb)
  • Added pre-boot script execution feature. If you have some services, those must be correctly stopped before shutdown, you can add '--script <script_full_path>' command to "FastReboot" command line (see readme.txt). After that FReboot will execute your script before initiating shutdown process.
  • Added protection from simultaneus execution of multiple copies of FReboot.exe

freboot_v1i.rar/tgz (31.5 Kb/42.4 Kb) and freboot_v1i_src.rar/tgz (21.8 Kb/23.3 Kb)
I'm very sorry again...
We have made a lot of bugs in User Profile saving code. This option didn't work. Additionally it caused system to enter into strange half-hanged state. Already fixed.

freboot_v1g.rar/tgz (31.1 Kb/41.9 Kb) and freboot_v1g_src.rar/tgz (21.2 Kb/22.5 Kb)
I'm sorry...
  • Fixed bug with PUHandler.dll compilation. This library is used for saving User Profiles before reboot.
  • Fixed bug in distribution. It didn't include PUHandler.dll before.
  • Also removed dependence on headers and lib from Platform SDK and XP DDK.

freboot_v1f.rar/tgz (30 Kb/40.7 Kb) and freboot_v1f_src.rar/tgz (20.4 Kb/21.7 Kb)
  • New switch -i is added in order to initiate imemdiate reboot from command prompt. You can use -u to save User Profile.
  • Fixed bug, which made command prompt switches unusable in Release version.

freboot_v1d2.rar/tgz (29.9 Kb/40.6 Kb) and freboot_v1d2_src.rar/tgz (20.2 Kb/21.4 Kb)
  • The main idea is implemented !!!
  • If DSync is run without parameters, it flushes all disks.
  • All binaries a packed to single archive.
  • Compiled modules are distributed separately from sources.

FastReboot_v1c.rar/tgz (21.8 Kb/22.7 Kb)
Fixed bug with invalid switch handling. Icons are added to executable. LNK file now references icon from executable, not from shell32.dll.

FastReboot_v1a.rar/tgz (19.6 Kb/20.3 Kb) contains sources, VC6 project file, compiled Release-version and installer for fshutdown.exe
This is console utility, that performs shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff operations and allows force applications to terminate.
fshutdown.exe accepts the following switches:
-r reboot
-s, -h shutdown
-l logoff
-p poweroff
-f force applications to terminate
setup.bat installs to Desktop shortcut to fshutdown.exe -rf with Ctrl-Alt-Shift-\ hot-key.

DSync_v1.rar/tgz (27.6 Kb/29.1 Kb) contains sources, VC6 project file and compiled Release-version of DSync_v1.exe

reboot_v1.rar/tgz (10 Kb/10.6 Kb) contains sources, VC6 project file and compiled Release-version of reboot.exe

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