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Power/Sleep keyboard buttons disabler

Works under Windows 2000/XP/2003 and 98SE

This utility was created specially for happy owners of uglified keyboards. Some <censored> designer was clever enough to place Power/Sleep/Wakeup buttons to authentic location of Insert/Home/PageUp. One unguarded movement - and your computer goes to reboot :((. Rrr-r-r-r-r-rrrr..... >:-|

Ok, now about the utility:
I looked through the sources of keyboard/mouse drivers and found pretty Registry Key. It seemed to be what I want to find. But further studing of code shown, that driver only updates it depending on presence of Power/Sleep/Wakeup on keyboard.

Thus, I have written filter-driver that seeks and destroys ;) evil scan-codes immediately after their birth-time.

First versions just dropped makes of these "magic buttons", but appeared (thanks to Stanislav U. Mikushkin) that if you eventually press Power or Sleep while the machine is locked with Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Lock Workstation, then system thinks that Rifht Ctrl and Rigth Alt are instantly holded. Now scan-codes of these keys are transformed to "keyboard buffer overflow" codes (0xff/0x7f).

DisablePowerKbd_v1b.rar/tgz (3.3 Kb/3.4 Kb)

The only thing you should do: unpack and run setup.bat
If you are interested, here lies the sources:

DisablePowerKbd_v1b_src.rar/tgz (12.6 Kb/13.1 Kb)

Previous version

DisablePowerKbd_v1a_src.rar/tgz (12.5 Kb/13 Kb)

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