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Deltree for Windows NT/w2k/XP/9x

There is one useful utility under Windows 9x - DELTREE. It allows recursive directory tree deletion. Similar functionality is available under NT-clones (NT, w2k, XP, .NET) via DEL command with /S (recursively) /Q (no questions) /F (force read-only) switches. Unfortunately, it removes files only and doesn't delete directory tree :(. When I met this problem I didn't know about RD command, which does what I needed. And anyway, RD works under NT-family OSes only. Thus, I've written own DELTREE, working under all Windows platforms.

  deltree <file/folder-name mask>
  deltree c:\temp\*
It doesn't ask anything befor deleting.
deltree_v1c.rar/tgz (1.4 Kb/1.5 Kb)

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