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User Interface Control for Windows

Console utility for display mode management, mouse and keyboard speed adjustment and for management of some other user interface settings. It can be used from command prompt and .BAT files. This tool is an extension of vmctl.


  • display resolution, color depth, refresh rate, orientation
  • font smooth, antialiasing
  • mouse and keyboard speed
  • keyboard layout switching keys
  • left-handed mouse


uictl_v1.3c.rar/tgz (81.4 Kb/89.2 Kb) contains sources, VC6 & VC11 project files and compiled Win32 and x64 Release-version of uictl.exe/uictl64.exe/


        uictl <options>
General options:
General options:
        --help, --h, --?      display this screen
        --save, --s           save new settings in registry (system-wide change)
Display options:
        --d=NUM or
          --display=NUM       display ID (1 - firts)
        --x=NUM               X-resolution
        --y=NUM               Y-resolution
        --ref=NUM or
          --vsync=NUM         Vertical Sync. (Hz)
        --bp=NUM              bits per pixel
        --orientation=NUM or
          --do=NUM            display orientation, 0 (default), 90|cw|portrait, 180|flip, 270|ccw (Win2000+)
        --list, --l           display all available modes (compatible with --ld, --lad)
        --list-displays or
          --ld                display all active display devices
        --list-all-displays or
          --lad               display all display devices
        --compat, --c         display display-compatible modes only (Win2000+)
        --optimal, --o        try to set 'optimal' mode ;)
        --test, --t           test requested mode
        --fontsmooth=NUM or
          --fs=NUM            enable or disable font smooth option (1/0 - enable/disable)
Keyboard options:
        --kbdinfo, --k        display keyboard settings
        --kbdspeed=NUM or
          --ks=NUM            set keyboard speed (0 - 31)
        --kbddelay=NUM or
          --kd=NUM            set keyboard delay (0 - 3)
        --kbdlangswitch=NUM or
          --kls=NUM           set keyboard language switch keys
                                 1 - Alt-Shift, 2 - Ctrl-Shift, 3 - none
Mouse options:
        --mouseinfo, --m      display mouse settings (Win2000+)
        --mousespeed=NUM or
          --ms=NUM            set mouse speed (1 - 20)
        --mouseleft=NUM or
          --ml=NUM            switch mouse buttons to left-handed mode (0/1 - normal/swapped)
        uictl --x=320 --y=240               set 320x200
        uictl --x=1600 --y=1280 --ref=85    set 1600x1280 85Hz
        uictl --do=90                       set CW90 orientation (vertical)
        uictl --ks=31 --kd=0                set maximum keyboard speed
        uictl --ms=15 --ml=1                set high mouse speed and swap left/rigth buttons


  • Usability updates
    uictl_v1.3c.rar/tgz (81.4 Kb/89.2 Kb)

  • Added support for display orientation. See --do, --orientation options.
  • Fixed video mode adjustment (was broken in previous version).
    uictl_v1.2c.rar/tgz (76.5 Kb/87.2 Kb)

  • Added support for multiple displays. See --d, --ld options. Thanks to Dave Kalata for bug-report.
    uictl_v1.1b.rar/tgz (38.5 Kb/41.2 Kb)

  • Fixed bugs with keyboard management. The reason was some mistakes in old documentation by Microsoft. Thanks to Martin Begheyn for bug-report.
  • For Win2000+ added keyboard layout switching keys management. Previous versions had only keyboard language switching.
    uictl_v1.0a.rar/tgz (37.9 Kb/40.4 Kb)

    Just 1st version.
    uictl_v1.rar/tgz (37.2 Kb/39.7 Kb)

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