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Personal Display Settings for Windows

AFAIK, display settings in MS Windows are global. It means that if user John Smith likes 320x200-16colors and sets this mode, all other users who log in later would be surprised. I think it is not convinient ;). The utility I would like to propose helps to remove this limitation.

    1. unpack ntsavevmod_v2b.rar/tgz (5.9 Kb/6.1 Kb)
    2. run setup.bat

You can also make link or copy ntsavevmod.exe to Startup for 'All Users'
Archive includes sources and project file for VC6

ntsavevmod_v2b.rar/tgz (5.9 Kb/6.1 Kb)
  • Added protection from running multiple copies to avoid interference.

ntsavevmod_v2a.rar/tgz (5.7 Kb/5.9 Kb)
  • Istallation scripts setup.bat and setup_mh.bat are added.
  • Absolute path C:\WINNT is not used already.

  • Host-based configs work now. It is optional, of course. Now we have 2 .REG files: for standalone computers (install.reg) and for domain members (install_mh.reg).
  • Executable is much smaller now, bacause CRT libraries are not linked statically any more.

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