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Using USB under NT4

There is some experience in using USB under NT4. This page accumulates all related info published in News before. Also, new knowledge shall be published here.


Note: When using these drivers you should sync disk cache before USB Flash hot removal with dsync.exe.



I've tried version 4.06. My PCI USB 2.0 card made by VIA doesn't work. The problem is originated by unassigned interrupt vector. BIOS didn't make IRQ assignment.

Btw, thanks to --irt option of PCI Dump v0.2 I've understand why. For some reason when this card is inserted into PCI slot 6, it gets DeviceNumber=0x0c. The same time BIOS PCI IRQ Routing table says that it should have DeviceNumber=0x07 in this slot. I don't know yet how to fix this problem, but when I inserted card into different slot, the card got proper DeviceNumber, BIOS assigned IRQ to it and USB drivers did their work :)


In vesion 4.06 USB 2.0 support appeared to be buggy. If at least one USB 2.0 controller is present in system the following problem comes. After disconnecting USB Flash (even if it was connected to some other controller, e.g. onboard USB 1.1) special record about this connection is left in registry. It includes port, USB device name and assigned drive letter. After reboot system hangs after logging in. If you wait long enough, login screen shall be displayed again. Debugger shows that USBD.SYS falls into dead loop. It reads some I/O port(s) and waits for something. This happens when USB management app is started.

If you boot to another OS (or with Hardware Profile with all USB drivers disabled), mount SYSTEM Registry Hive and remove this record, everything will work again.


USB 2.0 support appeared to be even more buggy. If at least one USB 2.0 controller is present in system, then after running WinXP the same problem with hang happens. Power off is the only remedy. This bug is experienced with 4.10, 4.06 and 3.20 versions. Previous versions are not tested yet. Used hardware - VIA USB 2.0 PCI Card, onboard USB 2.0 controllers on my notebook.


Author says that drivers support USB 2.0. But while my PCI USB 2.0 Card didn't get interrupt vector, they crashed.


When I installed aksnt4usb nothing happened. They just did nothing. But when I instelled IONetworks together with them, IONetworks could not work. Also did nothing.

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