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Patch for cdrom.sys (NT4)

Fixes Video-CD reading bugs. Should also understand CD/DVD-ROM/R/RW disks (CD-R/RW is written by me, DVD code is taken from MS driver for w2k). Reports comprehensive status for blank/not-closed/damaged recordable disks instead of NO_MEDIA_IN_DEVICE. However, some disks are so damaged, that cannot be recognized by the drive at all.


    1. copy cdromx.sys from cdromx_v4.rar/tgz (38.7 Kb/40.3 Kb) to
    2. reboot


If something goes wrong, it worth installing Debug-build from cdromx_v4_Dbg.rar/tgz (70.2 Kb/75.2 Kb) and capture logs from it.
You can do it with DbgPrint Dump utility. This utility must be installed with the following command line:

DbgPrintLog.exe -full -T DTN -wd X:\dir_for_logs -drv B -svc A
    -drvopt StopOnBufferOverflow 1 -drvopt BufferSize 16384 CdRom.log

cdromx_v4.rar/tgz (38.7 Kb/40.3 Kb)
and Debug-build
cdromx_v4_Dbg.rar/tgz (70.2 Kb/75.2 Kb)
Update. There were many changes and fixes in the original driver, I can't even remember all them...
cdromx_v3.rar/tgz (34.2 Kb/35.6 Kb)
and Debug-build
cdromx_v3_Dbg.rar/tgz (154 Kb/171.6 Kb)
I'm sorry... There was a bug. Driver worked on R/RW devices only. Already fixed:
cdromx_v2.rar/tgz (26.2 Kb/27.2 Kb)
The first version cdromx_v1.rar/tgz (25.4 Kb/26.3 Kb)
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