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Ukrainian I/i letter support for OEM console applications using cp866 under Wine and Far2l.

by Alter ( (remove X))

Add support for ukrainian cp866 to Wine and Far2l (as codepage 22866).

There is well-known Windows problem with Ukrainian letters 'I' and 'i'. They are displayed as question mark ('?') in console applications. But the most annoying thing is that these files cannot be copied with console File Managers, like Far. Proposed patch fixes it.

OEM cp866 characters 0xf6 (I ukr) and 0xf7 (i ukr) should be mapped to unicode 0x0406 and 0x0456

Since Wine uses statically compiled NLS translation, it is not possible to just fix NLS file like under Windows (

In practice, there are standard CP866 with Short-U on f6/f7 and CP866ukr with Cyrilic I/i on the same places used by several non-unicode software with Ukrainian localization. Maybe it worth adding other NLS codepage (e.g. 22866) for proper localization of such software. 866ukr is mentioned in (unfortunately, english version is not full)

Patch download:
Wine: wine_cp866uk.patch.gz
Far2l far2l_cp866uk.patch.gz


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