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 2016.04.03 - 12:30

Published updated beta UniATA v0.46d7

  • fixed problem with duplicated data structures and strings in compiled driver binary. Thanks to KtP and ReactOS team. Binary size is reduced even more.

  •  2016.04.02 - 20:30

    Published beta UniATA v0.46d6

    • fixed CD/DVD detection problem on some SATA. Thahks to Rayer for finding exact version where support was broken.
    • fixed problem CSB5 and old ISA with i486, thanks to KtP for testing
    • reduced binary size

    And about difficulties:

    • can't overcome SATA PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-215D on nVidia MCP51 (10de:0266) for about half a year. The device can be detected, handles ATA commands, but doesn't respond to ATAPI packet command. More datails can be found at ReactOS BUG-9119
    • some SMP hangs on GUI init. Looks like it happens when GUI touchs CD/DVD.

    Fixed compatibility bug with non-RDTSC-capable CPUs (i386 and i486) in DbgPrint Dump v0.9a (thanks to KtP for bug-report).

     2016.03.12 - 12:09

    Fixed problem with memory allocation in PCI Dump v0.2b

     2016.03.09 - 12:09

    Updated UniATA v0.46

    • fixes for VBox and QEmu HDD write and CD-ROM support
    • fixed problem with buffer overflow in ISA controllers when original request is splitted on LBA-capable device.
    • 32-bit I/O support for PIO mode
    • DMA support for Intel PIIX (8086:1230), thanks to KtP for testing
    • changed CD-Changers init behavior

    Thanks for donations !

     2015.10.22 - 15:41

    Updated UniATA v0.45j1
    Fixes for VBox and QEmu support, fast missing device detection and AHCI-capable controllers in compatible mode.

     2015.08.14 - 03:48

    Updated manual for proper WiFi setup

     2015.03.09 - 12:24

    At last I've got to scaner and updated drawings gallery :)

     2015.02.27 - 23:14

    Updated UniATA v0.45e
    Published beta UniATA v0.45h1

    Thanks for donations ! I didn't monitor the account for a long time and was surprised :)

     2015.01.15 - 23:03

    • Published performance patches for FreeBSD 9.2.
      • ipfw Patches include bit masks for 16-bit values matching (e.g. port lists), table lookup instead of tree lookup in table implementation (when possible) and other features.
      • route batch mode patch (load multiple routes from file)
    • automatic route adjustment for client prefixes (DHCPv6 PD) for ISC DHCPv6 4.2.5
    • Updated article about IPv6 deployment. (DHCPv6 PD + routing)

     2015.01.01 - 19:09

    Happy New Year!

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