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 2019.04.03 - 11:00

  • fixed bug with crash on Intel AHCI chipsets. UniATA v0.47a
  • A lot if fixes are commited into Far2l :)

  •  2019.03.23 - 12:30

    I was looking why KOI8-U charset is not automatically detected in Far2l. Appeared that the use some old code with character frequency model written many years ago. Google says we have the same in all clones. As I have KOI8-U character frequencies and Ukrainian character pairs frequency model. I'll try to commit :)

    Ukrainian language character frequency model

     2019.03.21 - 01:52

  • Strange, but by default OpenVPN under standard Linux NetworkManager doesn't use pushed DNS servers. Simple solution it also known, however question appears regulary and different solutions are proposed. It is 42. DNS leak fix for Ubuntu NetworkManager + OpenVPN

  •  2019.03.20 - 11:12

  • In addition to implementations of CommandLineToArgvA/W() Boris Timofeev sent CommandLineToArgvAEx() which works with arbitrary charsets.

  •  2019.03.19 - 15:27

  • merged AHCI upadtes from FreeBSD 12.
  • fix for disk formatting
  • listed new AHCI chipsets
    UniATA v0.47

  •  2019.03.18 - 01:14

  • - Import Windows .REG with Far 1.x/2.x settings into Linux Far2l

  •  2019.03.14 - 01:14

  • Updated patch for DBF (dBase) type 'I' fields for PHP 7 (pecl dbase)

  •  2019.03.13 - 23:28

  • Added patch for ukrainian 'i' support for Far2l. It is very similar to Wine one.

  •  2019.03.12 - 00:28

  • Wine IF EXIST patch I moved build environment DDK+NT4 from my old NT4 to new system. To Linux with Wine ;). And I've caught double bug: VC6 use '/' when checking target directory existance (Debug and Release), and newer Wine after IF EXIST implementation change doesn't handle this case.
  • #One programmer's evening

  •  2019.03.11 - 17:47

  • Patch for Wine for ukrainian 'i' support in console applications with cp866 ukr

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