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 2014.10.22 - 12:10

Updated UniATA v0.45c1:

  • some fixes in AHCI support - freeze on controllers without legacy interrupt management registers.
  • fixed PATA/SATA/AHCI detection code for newer Intel

 2014.08.19 - 00:19

  • Some thoughts about society transformation trends (in Russian only).

  •  2014.08.12 - 15:10

    Updated UniATA v0.45a7:

    • AHCI support is enabled in INFs by default
    • added DevIDs for
      • newer ATI IPX700/800 (default them to SATA (non-AHCI) mode)
      • nVidia AHCI controllers, default them to SATA (non-AHCI) mode
      • VIA AHCI
      • new Promise chips
      • Hudson-2
      • SIS 630S, 962, 963, 1182 and 1182,
      • more PATA Marvell chips
    • added (experimental) PATA/SATA and AHCI detection code for newer ATI
    • removed duplicates and wrong values from device list
    • unified OS-specific INFs
    • fixed DevID for RZ 100x
    • added handler for uninitialized BAR4 for all SATA chips
    • improved AHCI error handler. Do not retry after interface errors
    • ATAPI commands READ_CD and READ_CD_MFS are marked as DMA-capable. Managed by registry option AtapiDmaRawRead.
    • Added workaround for "Marvell 9123" detection of AHCI channels. Chip reports 8 while it actually has 4.

     2014.05.18 - 13:48

  • Updated UniATA reference to related bug-tracker of ReactOS
  • Added information about actual IPv6 and DHCPv6 support by home routers to the article about IPv6 deployment.

  •  2014.04.01 - 15:51


  • WinDbg HOWTO
  • WiFi HOWTO
  • network securuty/anonimity notes

  •  2014.02.13 - 13:10

  • Patch for strict MAC-based IPv6 address assignment for ISC DHCPv6 appeared to be compatible with fresh ISC DHCPD v4.5.5 from FreeBSD 9.2.
  • Also, the following patches are almost ported (are being tested) to FreeBSD 9.2:
    • Performance optimization and extensions for ipfw
    • route improvement.
  • Updated "bad" traffic filters

  •  2014.01.25 - 23:56

    Implemented error reporting in all cases of wrong parameters in Bad Block Copy 2.3

     2014.01.09 - 13:56

    Filtering "bad" traffic on managed switches

     2014.01.01 - 19:09

    Happy New Year!

    My gift - network securuty/anonimity notes

     2013.12.14 - 21:57
    MPtP tunnel software oriented on creation of virtual IPv6 networks over existing IPv4 network. It simulates Ethernet Layer 2, thus, can handle any Ethernet traffic. The main benefit is direct interchange between nodes. Central (HUB) node is used for handling broadcast packets only. Unicast traffic is distributed directly between nodes. There is Linux and FreeBSD support.

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