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 2014.04.01 - 15:51


  • WinDbg HOWTO
  • WiFi HOWTO
  • network securuty/anonimity notes

  •  2014.02.13 - 13:10

  • Patch for strict MAC-based IPv6 address assignment for ISC DHCPv6 appeared to be compatible with fresh ISC DHCPD v4.5.5 from FreeBSD 9.2.
  • Also, the following patches are almost ported (are being tested) to FreeBSD 9.2:
    • Performance optimization and extensions for ipfw
    • route improvement.
  • Updated "bad" traffic filters

  •  2014.01.25 - 23:56

    Implemented error reporting in all cases of wrong parameters in Bad Block Copy 2.3

     2014.01.09 - 13:56

    Filtering "bad" traffic on managed switches

     2014.01.01 - 19:09

    Happy New Year!

    My gift - network securuty/anonimity notes

     2013.12.14 - 21:57
    MPtP tunnel software oriented on creation of virtual IPv6 networks over existing IPv4 network. It simulates Ethernet Layer 2, thus, can handle any Ethernet traffic. The main benefit is direct interchange between nodes. Central (HUB) node is used for handling broadcast packets only. Unicast traffic is distributed directly between nodes. There is Linux and FreeBSD support.

     2013.12.14 - 20:07

    Minor fixes for Local HTTP proxy package (youtube support).

     2013.12.01 - 12:50

    A bit late news, but. We have a revolution again. It's time to stop "improvements" and start work on making our life better.

     2013.11.11 - 21:52

  • How night road actually looks like.
  • UniATA v0.44e
    Added UniATA communication deviсe support for Windows 2003 (in .INF file). Appeared, that WinXP SP3 + updates doesn't allow UniATA to be installed since it is not signed. Also, fresh Avast antivirus treats it as potentially dangerous software. Thanks to Svyat G

  •  2013.10.14 - 09:03

  • I2P under FreeBSD setup experience + how to workaround Java TZ Updater version missmatch.
  • Monitor and Video card resolution compatibility issue (see yesterday post) was fixed with driver update to nt4_r128_635cd21.
  • And some interesting articles for reading (in Russian only)
    Web 3.0 - decentralization
    Hardware spys

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