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EchoDbg console utility
NT3.51/NT4/NT4-TS/w2k/XP/2k3/2k3-r2/Vista and WinPE/BartPE/MobileOS

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EchoDbg manual

Command line reference

Command line switches for EchoDbg:

  EchoDbg [<switches>] [<mesage to print>]
  -i                  copy StdIn to DbgConsole
  -o                  write message to both StdOut and DbgConsole
  -?,-h               display this help


Example 1

Send message to Debug Console:

  EchoDbg "Start test 1"
  echo Hello! | EchoDbg -i
Example 2

Send message to Debug Console and copy it to console (stdout):

  EchoDbg -o "Start test 1"
Example 3

Send text file to Debug Console:

  type Message.txt | EchoDbg -i
  cat Message.txt | EchoDbg -i

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