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PCI Device Information for NT4/w2k/XP/2003

PCI Dump is the utility for getting detailed information about installed PCI devices. It shows PCI bus address, Device/Vendor ID, used resources (IRQ, Mem and I/O ranges, etc.). If you have pci.ids or vendors.txt, PCI Dump will decode text name of devices. You can download the latest version of pci.ids from or There is also local copy - pci_ids_20131012.rar/tgz (185.4 Kb/207.2 Kb).

Imagine, you have an unknown PCI device. You want to know what is it and why it is in your computer and what driver do you need. It is especially important for on-board devices, plombed cases and for remote administration (for ex. via Remote Admin).

PciDlg.exe - is the main executable. It installs in your OS (NT/w2k/XP) special driver PciDumpEx.sys and uses it to communicate with PCI bus(es). Reboot in NOT needed. In newest distributions you can also find console version - PciDumpc.exe. It can be used to display PCI information in console or to redirect it to file:
PciDumpc.exe > pci_info.txt
Since 0.1f version it is possible to generate raw (not decoded) dump of PCI Config Space bytes with -r or --raw command line switch:
PciDumpc.exe --raw > pci_info.txt
Since 0.2 version you can read PCI BIOS version with -b or --bios keys and get PCI IRQ Routing Table with -i or --irt.
Latest version:
PciDump_v2b.rar/tgz (28.7 Kb/32.3 Kb) - archive with all necessary files.



  • Fixed problem with memory allocation.
    PciDump_v2b_src.rar/tgz (29.7 Kb/33.4 Kb) - sources

  • Fixed low performance problem. Appeared, that sscanf("%x") is very-very slow. Loading of ~600Kb pci.ids took one os my PCs for 20sec. Simple manually written code is much faster (less than 1 sec. for 800Kb). Updated pci.ids. You can find local copy here:
    Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for ../../..///soft/win/ntpcidump/pci_ids_20131013.rar in /usr/home/alter/html/ on line 524

    Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for ../../..///soft/win/ntpcidump/pci_ids_20131013.tgz in /usr/home/alter/html/ on line 525
    pci_ids_20131013.rar/tgz ( bytes/ bytes)
    PciDump_v2a.rar/tgz (28.7 Kb/32.4 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v2a_src.rar/tgz (29.7 Kb/33.4 Kb) - sources

  • Added -i/--irt switch to pcidumpc.exe command line. It shows PCI IRQ Routing Table.
  • Added -b/--bios switch to pcidumpc.exe command line. It shows PCI BIOS version.
  • Fixed bug with not completed IRP in driver Open/Close handlers. Actually this is memory leak.
  • Updated pci.ids. You can find local copy here: pci_ids_20061207.rar/tgz (109.4 Kb/120.9 Kb)
    PciDump_v2.rar/tgz (31.2 Kb/34.6 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v2_src.rar/tgz (29.5 Kb/33.2 Kb) - sources

  • Added -r/--raw switch to pcidumpc.exe command line. It allows raw (not decoded) dump of PCI Config Space registers. pci_ids_20050526.rar/tgz (91.8 Kb/100.8 Kb)
  • Updated pci.ids. You can find local copy here: pci_ids_20050526.rar/tgz (91.8 Kb/100.8 Kb)
    PciDump_v1f.rar/tgz (29.3 Kb/32.6 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v1f_src.rar/tgz (26.1 Kb/29.3 Kb) - sources

    Fixed bug with driver autoinstall in console version.
    PciDump_v1e.rar/tgz (29 Kb/32.3 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v1e_src.rar/tgz (25.7 Kb/28.9 Kb) - sources

    Fixed bug with working under XP. Application must enable SE_LOAD_DRIVER_NAME privilege in order to communicate with driver. Previous OSes had this privilege enabled by default.
    PciDump_v1d.rar/tgz (28.7 Kb/31.9 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v1d_src.rar/tgz (25.8 Kb/29 Kb) - sources

    Support for external PCI ID list is added. PciDump searches for files vendors.txt and pci.ids in current directory. Latest version of PCI ID list can be downloaded from Martin Mares'es site ( or or from local copy (pci_ids_20040324.rar/tgz (71.1 Kb/77.1 Kb)).
    PciDump_v1c.rar/tgz (28.3 Kb/31.4 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v1c_src.rar/tgz (25.2 Kb/28.5 Kb) - sources

    Added console utility PciDumpc.exe. Now you can dump PCI bus configuration to text file. If you have previous version of PciDump installed, I recommend to run update.bat. It will update driver to new version. PciDump_v1b.rar/tgz (24.6 Kb/26.8 Kb) - executables.
    PciDump_v1b_src.rar/tgz (23.3 Kb/26 Kb) - sources

    Fixed bug in PciDumpEx.sys that didn't return information about Interrupt Line, Interrupt Pin, Min. Grant. and Max. Latency
    PciDump_v1a.rar/tgz (39.1 Kb/46.7 Kb) - sources and executables.

    PciDump_v1.rar - sources.

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