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 2020.09.14 - 15:40

  • added options for caption substring matching in wkill utility.
  • implemented search for both caption and executable name/path

  •  2020.08.06 - 15:46

    Linphone doesn't work without internet connection under Windows ? Lets fix.

     2020.07.07 - 10:15

  • FortiClientVPN often loose saved configs after reboot. Make backup of .fctsslvpnhistory

  •  2020.07.01 - 16:11

    Linphone as daemon under Windows.

     2020.06.05 - 14:20

  • There is a nice Linphone aplication. SIP soft-phone, all platforms, open source, along with GUI works from CLI (linphonec) and even as daemon (can be managed from external app). But it would be too simple :) Linphone as daemon under Linux using systemd.

  •  2020.05.05 - 10:45

  • FortiClientVPN unconditionally updates resolve.conf with tunnel DNS. It may significantly affect web performance if tunnel has significant delay. There is no way to prevent DNS update on client side with local config. But there is a way to Prevent FortiClientVPN DNS update for Ubuntu
  • Added -w and -W options for waiting for matching process(es) in wkill utility.

  •  2019.10.12 - 23:48

  • Added -P option for matching modules by substring of full module (executable) pathname. Appeared that -N works with module name only in wkill utility.

  •  2019.09.24 - 09:41

  • Added support for display orientation to uictl. See --do, --orientation options.
  • Fixed video mode adjustment (was broken in previous version).

  •  2019.04.03 - 11:00

  • fixed bug with crash on Intel AHCI chipsets. UniATA v0.47a
  • A lot if fixes are commited into Far2l :)

  •  2019.03.23 - 12:30

    I was looking why KOI8-U charset is not automatically detected in Far2l. Appeared that the use some old code with character frequency model written many years ago. Google says we have the same in all clones. As I have KOI8-U character frequencies and Ukrainian character pairs frequency model. I'll try to commit :)

    Ukrainian language character frequency model

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