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Rus+Ukr keyboard layout for NT4/w2k/XP

Here is FreeBSD-like Russian+Ukrainian keyboard layout for Windows NT4/w2k/XP - kbdurmx_v1.rar/tgz (17.5 Kb/18.8 Kb). It contains all Russian and Unkrainian letters, thus you should use Alt(Ctrl)-Shift for layout switching more rarely.

` ~
Ё(jo rus)
- _
І(i ukr)
= +
Ї(ji ukr)
\ |
Є(je ukr)
some keyboards also have such button:
< >
Ґ(gh ukr)
among this, if you keep Shift-button pressed
Grey +
 = (equality)
Grey -
 _ (underscore)
in kbdurmx_v1a.rar version the following combinations are added:
Grey /
 \ (back slash)
Grey *
 ' (apostrophe)

Thus, mixed Russian-Ukrainian layout contains all letters and signes. (However, I didn't found the place for square brackets... Does anybody need it ?)

  1. unpack kbdurmx_v1a.rar/tgz (17.7 Kb/19 Kb)
  2. run setup.bat
  3. Go to ControlPanel - Keyboard - InputLocales and chose some point in list (let it be - UK).
  4. Set KeyboardLayout in Properties to 'Ukrainian + Russian (Mix)'
  5. (optional) you can also import Far_patch.reg. This will enable Shift+GreyPlus/GreyMinus combinations under Far

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