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Floppy driver patch for NT4/w2k/XP

I have met a problem: Someone gave me a floppy, fromatted for 1.76Mb (Non-standard format that was used in DOS epoch), but none of NT4 or w2k (or even XP) could understand it. I looked into floppy driver sources and saw the following thing:

Disk Geometry information is read from boot-sector, but used for media type verification only. Driver has hardcoded table of 'known' geometries and if there is no matching record in this table, status InvalidMedia is reported.

It was fixed.

Currently fix is available for NT4 only (flopx_nt4_v1.rar), but w2k version is coming soon .

w2k version as already available (flopx_w2k_v1a.rar) . NT4 version is also updated with small, but rather useful part of code taken from w2k for more correct media type recognition (flopx_nt4_v1a.rar).

Patch is checked under XP (It works !!!)
Installation .INF files are created for w2k and XP
setup.bat and uninst.bat are created for NT4 and XP

      1. unpack flopx_nt4_v1b.rar/tgz (93.1 Kb/109 Kb)
      2. copy Relese/flopx.sys to WINNT/System32/drivers/floppy.sys
      3. reboot
    w2k / XP:
      1. unpack flopx_w2k_v1b.rar/tgz (54.7 Kb/63.7 Kb) for w2k or flopx_xp_v1.rar/tgz (55 Kb/64 Kb) for XP.
      2. follow steps from readme.txt
All archives contain sources and VC6 project file
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