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binary GNU patch for FreeBSD 4.9

patch_bin.patch.v2.rar/tgz (9.3 Kb/9.6 Kb)

Patch for GNU patch utility (that is located in /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/patch). Allows applying patch-files to binaries. There are tho troubles with standard patch:
  1. it has hardcoded maximum line size of 4096
  2. functions with different line-terminators are used. For file operations patch uses fgets() ('\n' is treated as EOL), for further string operations strxxx() are used ('\0' is treated as EOL)
Win-32 versions of these utilities workaround this problem with --text and --binary. Patch adds --binary switch and --buffersize switch for maximum line size tuning. Usually --buffersize 65536 is enough. You can also enable line-size autodetection using --buffersize 0.
Patch is based on FBSD 4.9 sources (patch.c - 2003/08/23 16:19:36)
Was checked under FBSD 4.9 and WinNT4.

patch_bin_v2.rar/tgz (42.1 Kb/44.9 Kb) - Full sources of patched patch utility.

And in addition simple perl-script (512 bytes/602 bytes) for converting paths in windows-generated patch-files to unix style (slashes....).


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