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Fix drive paths for NT ICE (for Win NT/2k/XP)

There is perfect debugger called SoftIce. In Win NT-origin OS'es durring SoftIce installation the mapping between Win32 (A:, C:, D:, etc) and Kernel (/DeviceFloppy0, /Device/Harddisk1/Partition3, etc) namespaces is built. It is stored in [HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Services\NTice\DOSDeviceList] registry key. If this mapping have changed for some reason (partition movind, creation or deletion, adding new HDD), SoftIce will display its prompt with warning each time system starts up. You needs pressing Ctrl-D to continue booting.

The unility proposed fixes this problem, It rebuilds this registry section according to current system settings. Network and Ram-drives are not included.

PS. Thanks to Axxie for NtXxx() routines sample

Here is the utility itself: fix_ntice_pathes_v1.rar/tgz (15.2 Kb/15.8 Kb)
and its sources: fix_ntice_pathes_v1_src.rar/tgz (4.4 Kb/4.4 Kb)

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