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#AI cooperation experience

A bit about #AI cooperation

  • Writing a user manual for the code with minimalistic technical description - easy. Event step by step instructions. Understanding the measurement results for relatively well-known cases.
  • Translating English to Ukrainian and vice versa - rather good.
  • Python -> C (considering Win/Linux platforms) - okay.
  • Porting Linux to Windows, considering the platform's API specific - fine. Even modifying variable naming style.
  • By the way, I asked which one is easier for him - Python to Win C or Linux C to Win C. He says working with variations of C is easier.
  • Creating different Makefiles - fine. And translating Make to Cmake as well (finally understood how it works, that is, Cmake).
  • Doing HTML formatting - easy. Translating without touching the tags is ok too.

    Week sides.

  • Memory management. Forgetting or not doing free() in the right place. It's still a higher-level context. It needs to be checked.
  • Parallel changes are quite difficult. It's better to perform them step by step.
  • Writing regex based on abstract descriptions - average. Based on detailed descriptions - relatively okay.
  • Editing existing ones - no way. A hack is to ask for comments on what it does and then generate new regexp based on the description, but with edits. That's how it works.

    PS. Even considering the time spent on experiments, it's more convenient and faster than doing it by hand.
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