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Do not copy it from here. It is better to try original .tcshrc.

#tcsh .tcshrc file

#I like joe editor you can set 'ee' or 'vi' here
# note, if you use 'joe' you should build it before
# ca /usr/ports/editors/joe; make; make install
setenv	EDITOR	joe

#where we shall search for executables.
#Note, FBSD does NOT search in current folder by default (like Windows do)
#use ./your_executable to tun your_executable from current folder
set path = (/bin /sbin /usr/{bin,sbin,X11R6/bin} /usr/local/{bin,sbin} ~/bin)

#This is for pure modem terminals
if ( `tty | grep cuaa` != '' ) then
    echo "Serial link detected. Switching to vt100."
    setenv TERM vt100

#\m/  \m/ cool prompt :)
if ($?prompt) then
	# An interactive shell -- set some stuff up
	set filec
	set history = 500
	set savehist = 500
#	set ignoreeof
	set mail = (/var/mail/$USER)
	umask 22
	set MainC = '←[=3F←[=0G'
	set HostC = '←[37m'
	set TimeC = '←[32m'
	set DayC = '←[1m←[32m'
	set DateC = '←[0m←[32m'
	set ttyC  = '←[32m'
	set EvntC = '←[1m←[37m'
	set PathC = '←[0m←[32m'
	set GtC   = '←[1m←[37m'
	set ttyS = `tty`
	set ttyS = `basename ${ttyS}`
	set ttyS = `expr ${ttyS} : 'tty\(.*\)'`
	set HostS = %m
	if( `id -un` != 'root' ) then
	  set Sep1 =  ':'
	  set SUColor = '←[1m←[31m'
	  set Sep1 = "%{$SUColor%}#%{←[0m%}"
#	  set Sep1 = "%{$SUColor%}#"
#	  set Sep1 = "%{$SUColor%}#%{$PathC%}"
	set Sep2 = ':'
	set Sep3 =  '/'

#Do not make it multiline !!!!
#This if for HTML only !!!!

#	set prompt = "%{$MainC$HostC%}$HostS${Sep1}%{$ttyC%}${ttyS}${Sep2}%{$EvntC%}
#                        %h%{$PathC%}%/%{$GtC>←[0%}m"
	set prompt = "%{$DayC%d$DateC${Sep3}%D.%W.%Y${Sep1}%B%/%b\n%}%B%{$HostC%}${HostS}%b${Sep1}
	unset PreC
	unset HostC
	unset ttyC

	unset EvntC
	unset PathC
	unset GtC
	unset MainC
	unset ttyS
	unset HostS
	unset Sep1
	unset Sep2
	unset SUColor


set autologout = 180

#some aliases
alias	al	alias
al	o	more
al	h	history 25
al	j	jobs -l
al	la	/bin/ls -a
al	lf	/bin/ls -FA
al	ls	/bin/ls -F
al	l	/bin/ls -laG
al	su	sudo -s
al	tt	traceroute 
al	le	less
al 	k	kill 
al 	ka	killall -9 
al	cls	clear
al	q	exit

setenv	EXINIT	'set autoindent'
setenv	PAGER	less


#The following is for Russian/Ukrainian locale only

#make FarSCP plugin happy
if ( `tty | grep 'not a tty'` == '' ) then
#  setenv	LANG	uk_UA.KOI8-U
  setenv	LANG	ru_RU.KOI8-R

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